Fate of Two Hearts Chapter 1 part 2


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    Fate of Two Hearts Chapter 1 part 2

    Post by BlackRain on Thu Dec 16 2010, 04:34

    As I woke I found Ishizu tending to my wounds...I found it odd hat she was crying.

    "Why would he hurt you?" She whispered through her sobs.

    "Ishizu why...w-why do you weep?"

    the soft warmth of her healing light soothed my burning wounds

    "Ishizu...do you weep for my mother?"

    "I weep for your mother, your father, your brother...but mostly for you." the tears streamed
    her face and fell onto my chest

    "Why do you cry for me?"

    "I...I love you and hate seeing you hurt."

    "You love me?" i said through a pained chuckle.

    "Im sorry! I don't deserve your affection!" her face red with embarassment.

    "No, it's fine,actually its flattering."

    "R-really?" She blushed as she removed my shredded clothing

    "I've always had a crush on you...since we were young. Oh how we would play in the gardens
    and you would always pick me a carnation and when the wintertime came i was sad because
    the flowers had died. But you always cheered me up by saying that the impermanance of things
    is what makes them truly beautiful. Do you remember?"

    "Of couse, those were some of my fondest memories."

    I drifted off into a daydream and remembered myself as a child. I remembered the time my brother
    was teasing her because she was poor

    " Well well well, if it isn't our little peasent."

    "Prince Ireshima...your being mean."

    " Yeah? Who's going to stop me?"

    "Kazuya will..."

    "Hahahaha! You don't possible think he's going to protect you? What makes you think your worth
    his time?"

    "Wow big brother, stooped to picking on girls?"

    "Ah! I see the runt decided to show himself."

    "Leave her alone."


    I shoved him and he tripped and fell. Ishizu couldn't help but giggle.
    He got back up and drew back his fist and blackened my eye.

    I was brought back when I noticed that Ishizu was breathing heavily.
    She was loosing control. She began to sweat, her pulse quickened.


    "I-Im so sorry my lord! I never knew your senses were so keen."

    "Well Ishizu, you make it easy."

    without thinking i reached up and brushed a tear away

    "Your concern is truly apprieciated."

    Yet again i so foolishly gave into my impulses

    "M-my lord..."

    I brushed her beautiful chessnut colored hair away from her beautiful amethyst eyes

    "Your eyes are too beautiful to hide."

    I lifted my head and softly kissed her pink lips as soft as silk.
    in shock she retreated a little but then she returned my kiss.

    "My lord...you kissed me..."

    "Kazuya! Come out you filthy coward!!"

    "Oh no."

    My brother was furious, he was advancing with his sword pointed at my heart. An amazing blade,
    my brother named it Black Dawn. It hummed with his aura, a deep Azure blue. It gave my brother
    its essence and from it he was gifted with speed beyond compare. Even an angel would have trouble
    keeping up with him.

    "Your a murderer! I will avenge my fathers death!"

    He charged with a devilish look and began swinging maddly. I lept out of harms way and Ishizu

    "Brother wait!"

    "Do you wish to die with honor?"

    "Will you strike a downed opponent?"

    He paused and sheathed his sword

    "Very well brother, Heal, then we shall fight to the death."

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