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    Post by Choushi

    i still dont know where on these blogs my poetry belongs so this time i'll try HERE hahaha
    for my girlfriend

    "runaway Trains"

    she makes my mind crazy
    so i lose track of it
    bringing, runaway trains with different cargo
    to different parts of my body
    and sometimes these runaway trains
    crash into each other in my epicenter
    my heart
    causing unrhythmic
    Booms Crashes and Bangs
    but muffled by my flesh so i only hear
    bump-bump, thump-thump, bump-bump
    and those thump-thumps give me a message that is, so clear....
    i love her
    and she is the only person that can make those runaway trains crash in my heart
    derail all of the thoughts i had before and give them NEW meaning
    yes, and this happens whenever our eyes are meeting
    the beauty of chaos
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    Post on Thu Dec 09 2010, 04:24 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Hmm, this might be a good rap ^^

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