Fanclub Alley Rules and Etc.


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    Fanclub Alley Rules and Etc.

    Post by Yoyo on Wed Dec 01 2010, 23:32

    That's right, I just murdered the Fanclub section.

    The WOTN Fanclub Alley has done nothing of late. I decided to change that. So here goes!

    Rules of the Fanclub Section
    The rules are pretty simple.
    • Keep your club active. This means that there need to be posts in your fanclub! Helpful hints concerning how to keep your fanclub active can be found in a post I will make later.
    • Keep your club clean. Don't make a fanclub about anything sexual, illegal, or vulgar. Use common sense when making your fanclub.
    • Declare your love for me in every post. *shot*

    Things a Fanclub Gets
    • A bank account for donations and prizes.
    • A thread, but that's rather obvious.

    So there aren't many rules, but there also aren't many special things you get from the site. Why is that? Because the maker and members of the clubs are the ones that make the club awesome!

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