Clan Wars: Chapter seven


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    Clan Wars: Chapter seven

    Post by Banouin on Wed Dec 01 2010, 19:43

    “Don't let her die,” she heard Q say before she slipped into sleep. She prayed this one time her nightmares would leave her alone.

    - - -

    Yurii awoke on the edge of a bed, her left leg folded up under the right which hung over the side swaying back and fourth just an inch from touching the wooden floor. She looked into a mirror that was set up on the wall opposite of her. Next to it two armor racks and a single weapon rack lined the wall. The first rack held a light chain mail vest, nothing special and not something she would dream of taking into a real conflict but she was still able to find a use for it from time to time. Next to that sat a real heavy full set fit for a battle, both armors were tinted a dark bronze. The weapon rack held a whip and a sword making it look very bare.

    Yurii stood and crossed the room her attention focused on the second armor set. She slid a hand over its helm; it was in two pieces. The first was ordinary metal shaped by a blacksmith to protect the head from unwanted damage. The second was a mask she had found at a very young age in the desert. Somehow, out of all the things she had lost, this was one of the few that she had been able to hang on to. She grabbed the mask and with two small steps came to stand in front of the mirror. She held the mask up sideways allowing it to cover a good bit of her face. A sense of frustration filled her as she starred at the reflection. Yurii had worn the mask into battle for as long as she could remember, it had even earned her a title but it had also been a constant reminder of everything that had happened over the course of her life.

    The mask seemed almost made for Yurii and for that very reason she had kept it so close. The mask, like many other things she owned, was simple and not overly complex. It was a pure golden face with hollowed out eyes and a very deep smile. There were a few markings that no one had understood to this day, but they looked a bit demonic to her. The more she examined the mask the more uneasy Yurii became. It had always been that way. Not just for her, but for anyone who had looked upon it. The longer you looked, the more the face seemed to inject fear into your very soul. Its hollow eyes seemed more dark and piercing and its smile held the look of someone who had gone mad. It almost felt as if the mask's lips would begin to move at any second and command her to wear it and slaughter the nearest person. All to satisfy some imaginary entity that may reside inside.

    Perhaps having this thing in her room was the reason she was able to sleep she thought to herself. Yurii's arms fell to her sides after a long moment of blankly starring into the mask. She looked over to the armor she had taken it from and then back to it. She tapped it three times into her open free hand before throwing it to the bed where it landed softly with little sound.

    “Maybe some fresh air will help.” she sighed.

    - - -
    The full moon illuminated the whole of the ship as Yurii pushed open the door leading to its deck, the fresh air was welcomed over the stuffy must that she was leaving behind. A faint fog hung in the air just visible without becoming a hindrance to her sight. Her brown eyes scanned the contents of the deck for a brief second before spotting a young boy sitting on the wooden railing facing inward to the ship. She approached him giving a lazy wave and leaning over the railing just a bit to admire the shine of the moonlit water.

    “Good morning, Demon.” The boy said lazily

    “It's morning?” The water bashing against the boat distracted Yurii and kept her from giving fully to the conversion at hand.

    “The sun has yet to rise, but it will shortly. Did you sleep well?”

    “Not at all, actually.”

    “A fleet of ships at your command and still sleep does not find you!” He started to laugh but was cut short as Yurii's hand smacked across the back of his head.

    “Why aren't you asleep?” she asked.

    He pulled one leg over the railing and then the other so that he could face the ocean. “There's no sand here at all.”


    “Let me finish the thought!” He glared over at her.

    “Make it short, I don't want a heart filled speech. It's far to early.” Yurii covered her mouth with a hand and yawned.

    “It's peaceful on this boat. I didn't want to miss that.”

    They stood watching the boat cut its path through the water as the sun finally found its way over the horizon. Moments after it started its climb into the sky the sound of a man shouting overhead caught their attention.

    “Land!” the man called several times before Yurii looked over at the boy, his red hair shown bright in the morning light.

    “Don't you have work to do?” she raised an eyebrow.

    “I'm far to lazy for this.” He muttered as he swung his legs back around the railing and jumped up rushing off through the doors and out of sight. Yurii leaned over even more placing her chin into both of her hands. She squinted her eyes and looked outward as far as she could. The result was a tinny dot that was just coming into view.

    - - -

    “Why have we changed course my lord?” Yurii said wasting no time as she entered the Kage's cabin moments later.
    “We're being followed,” came a voice from the side of her. She looked over in surprise and a bit of shock when she saw the boy who she had just pushed off to work.

    “What?” He asked shrugging “You told me to go to work.”

    “I didn't expect you do to it.” She mused.

    “Silence!” The command was issued from the backside of the room. Several windows were the only thing that made up the back wall; one of them was ajar, letting the saltwater air full the room.

    “They're out there.” Q said from his spot leaning on the wooden frame from the open window. Yurii took a place next to him and scanned the ocean for any sign of another ship but there was nothing. She began to worry that paranoia has set into Q as she thought of words to comfort him. She took a few steps back and sat on the edge of Q's desk that was placed in the center of the room. Yurii nibbled on her lip, trying to hold back with what she wanted to say and just as she went to open her mouth, the boy behind her cut in.

    “You seem stressed my lord, perhaps it is all in your head. Lack of sleep and other things can impair ones judgment.”

    “No. It has been this way since we left for the islands-”

    “Might I add the islands that we were summoned to, not just us, but you yourself. The ones we are turning away from after a long journey to reach,” the boy cut Q off very boldly.

    “If the enemy ever finds The Lounge Islands everything can be taken away from us. Everything!” Q's voice raised with every passing word and he turned to face them. “I've felt it ever since we started out. A small AMP energy trail ejects from the ships every half an hour. It would allow the enemy to follow us without coming into sight.”

    “That could work.” The boy said slowly as he took in the words, his face changing from worry to amazement.

    “How?” Yurii asked. “Just how? It is way too easy to pick up on.”

    “How can you say that? The only one to feel it was the Kage himself. Someone so caught up in other things to pay attention to such a small everyday thing. It's in fact perfect. Our enemy looks and picks up on the trail and we stay blind to it.”

    “We caught it by luck.” Q finished the boy's thoughts. “It may be too late to stop it, but we can try.” Q went on “We need to lead them away then cut off the signal and double back around. That’s the plan. Yurii, take Banouin the elites and search everything. Every room, every bag, every person. Leave nothing unchecked.”

    Both Yurii and Banouin gave a swift bow and left.

    - - -

    It had taken just under five minutes for all eleven ships that made up the fleet to be placed into lock down after the Sand elites mobilization. The elites wore nothing but a dark orange colored cloak that covered their entire body expect for their arms. They stood or moved in formation, each of them carried a spear, sword, or whip. Other then the sound of the elites searching the ships no one would dare make a move or sound at all fearful for their lives.

    Each ship was slowly torn apart as the search went on with no sign or lead. Yurii had started to lose hope as they reached the seventh ship, but it wasn't long after the Elites descended into the ship before they returned dragging a young woman by the hair and throwing her to Yurii's feet. One of them carried an old torn book, they said nothing as they handed it to Yurii. She flipped it open and began to rip threw the pages as fast as she could read. She had not noticed Banouin stepping up to her side and reading over her shoulder. She also did not notice his hand jet to the hilt of his sword as they both came to understand what they were looking at: a very detailed list of instructions that went back as far as months.

    Banouin stepped around Yurii and drew his sword. He kicked the girl onto her backside and stood over her placing the tip of his blade to her throat. The girl looked up at him, her messy brown hair matted down to her face by blood that poured from an open wound that was caused in a struggle with the Elites. Yurii slammed the book shut, pushed Banouin away with her free hand, and took his place over the girl. She held up the book. “This was found in your room?” The only reply was a half smile from the girl as she looked into Yurii's eyes. Yurii let the book fall to the floor as she knelt down and moved the hair out of the girls face to get a better look. “Tell me your name.”

    “Abby,” the girl whispered, keeping her half smile.

    “Give me a reason to not kill you,” Yurii said.

    “Why?” the girl busted out in laughter. “Please! I want to die! My mission is done! The Great One will reward me for my work!”

    “And what reward can you collect in death?”

    “In death we all return to him! It is only you and your kind that fear death's embrace and accept it as the end!” Abby's laughter had gone out of control as Yurii grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. Yurii got fully to her knees as well and pulled Abby into a hug, burying Abby's head into her chest. It did not stop the laughter but it mattered little to Yurii as her hand slipped inside her clothes and unsheathed a hidden dagger. “You were born a daughter of Sand, it pains me that you cannot die as one.” She plunged the dragger into Abby's side in between her ribs.

    - - -
    Hours passed before they were able to return to Lounge Island and Q was off the boat in a blink of the eye without a word. Banouin looked over to Yurii as if to ask her why he was in such a rush.

    “Kage stuff?” Yurii shrugged and threw a bag of clothes over her shoulder. She motioned with her head for him to follow as she started off the boat herself. As the pushed past the crowd of people two friendly faced appeared on the docks. A tall man with short black hair and a female who was about half the man’s height. The girl bounced with joy but was unable to truly show this as the man held a firm grip over her mouth and held her in place.

    “I hope she can breathe.” Yurii commented to the man she they came within earshot.

    “I don't.” He said with an uncaring tone. “I'm rather enjoying the muffled sound of her voice. Much better than the real thing.”

    “What brings you down to see us Mikel?”

    “Hm, Jan's idea.” Jan's muffled voice became loader as she struggled to free herself from Mikel's hold.

    “Don't you think you should let her say hey at least?” Banouin pointed out.

    “The deal was see you, nothing in there about talking.”

    “Well, I did try.” Banouin yawned and walked away. “Nice seeing you Jan.”

    After a moment of idle chitchat Mikel looked down at Jan. “If I let you go, you'll go annoy Bano, right?” Jan narrowed her eyes but nodded a second after. As soon as Mikel let his hold go, Jan took off.

    “Hm.” Mikel and Yurii watched as she ran fifteen feet then came to a full stop, looked around and came right back like a boomerang. “I have no idea where he went to...” She pouted.

    “It's okay, at least you tried.” Mikel sighed.

    - - -

    Jan hummed a catchy tune as she walked five paces ahead of Yurii and Mikel.

    “There are whispered rumors that are spreading like wildfire. The Great One is searching for the Islands.” Mikel said looking over to Yurii. She nodded and told him of Abby, even went as far as to show him the book that she had placed into her own belongings.

    “So it is true, Hm.”

    “Sadly. We all know that he seeks to put an end to the seven spirits that reside here. Without their power, victory is lost for us.” Yurii shook her head and kicked at the ground causing dirt and dust to fly up.

    “Mikel hates the spirits, blames them for everything.” Jan almost sung the words.

    “I hear the story almost every night, Jan tells the little ones. After awhile, you start to grow angry.”

    “Not me~” Jan butted in again.

    Jan stopped and turned with a grin on her face. “Yurii, why don't you join us for tonight’s dinner?”

    “Huh?” Yurii's face showed her confusion.

    “Ah, well you see! The little ones have become so accustom to me that they were allowed to join us, diner is always the time I tell them the story of the big evil great one.” Jan held up her hands and made scary sound effects to the best of her abilities.


    - - -

    It was three hours later when Yurii joined Mikel in the back of the crowd the was made of little children all fighting over the best seats. Mikel rolled his eyes. “No matter how you look at it, they are all just sitting in the grass.” He whispered to Yurii, who chuckled lightly under her breath. They formed a circle around Jan, some of them still had plates full of food.

    “Come now, you're too close!” Jan said in a motherly tone motioning with her hand to one of the boys. He sighed as he was made to move back a good three steps. Around her in the circle were four candles that rested on the ground. Jan went to each one and lit them, a burst of smoke shot up from all four at once.

    “She’s not going to use them for light?” Yurii asked Mikel.


    Yurii gazed back over her shoulder, the sun was nearly set and light was fading fast.

    “Little light sets the moods for the kids.” Mikel said seeing her confusion. “Its about to start.” He placed a finger to his lips.”

    “Now, before you all go asking for me to tell 'the cool parts' before others, we have a guest with us.” Jan waved to Yurii. “And we will be going in order tonight.” Some of the kids gave Yurii dirty looks.

    “They hate you for life.” Mikel joked in her ear.

    “Whatever.” Yurii sighed.

    By now the smoke was thickened around Jan, and then it came clear to Yurii as she felt small bits of AMP energy leave Jan's body and move around the smoke causing it take shape. Seven pillars formed around the edge of the circle all the way around. On top of each one sat a dragon like beast.

    “Long ago our world was barren and lifeless. It remained this way until the seven spirits came to it. With their powers, they granted life to all, and in the years to follow. Man came.” Jan waved her hand and the smoke changed into a man and then changed again into a group of men and woman standing before one of the spirits. “With their powers, the spirits where considered gods and for a time, they watched over us. This however was to not last.” Jan waved her hand again and the spirit that stood before the men and women vanished. “But we grew.” She moved her hands with lighting speed a few movements Yurii could not really catch. “And as we grew, so did our need for leaders. The Kages came into power and with them, the spirits returned.” The scene faded away into nothing but mere smoke and all eyes came back to Jan. “They had shut their eyes to man, and was blinded to the darkness that grew in our hearts. They shared their power as they once had, but greed overcame one man.” The smoke came together to show a hooded figure taller then Jan. She walked around it once. She broke from the story and smiled for the first time since starting. “Would anyone like to name this man?”

    “The Great One,” a few of them said at once.

    Jan laughed “Yes, but he had a name before that one.”

    “Shugo,” Yurii said from the back. Jan nodded with a smile.

    “The greed in Shugo's heart came to consume him. He sought after power that was not his own. He took the Seven spirits captive and from them he took their raw power. He tired to take this power into himself, but it failed, the power took on new shape. The shape of man and woman.” Seven new figures appeared before them. “Shugo had taken the power of the elements from the spirits, as you all know each one could control their own. Fire, Sand, Earth.” She moved her arms as she spoke, chains came around each of the seven new figures. “He enslaved them all to fight for him, and left the spirits thinking them broken.” Jan took a deep breath and everything faded again.

    “Then came the burning.” A new scene played out before them. “In a single night the country of mist burned into nothing. It was the start of the war. It was then that his followers named him 'The Great One'.” The smoke changed yet again to show the spirits. “They came to the Kages and offered what little of their strength remained. It was through this act that we are able to connect ourselves to the elements and unlock the AMP energy inside us. It is how we fight. It is how his fires cannot harm us. It is why when we hear his drums of war echo in the distance marking his coming, we do not fear.” With a fast movement of her arm a drum was sounded and the smoke cleared.

    “That’s not funny Jan, I told you to never use that sound effect again!” Mikel scolded, but Yurii tensed up.

    “That sounded to far away to be her...”

    “That's because it wasn't.” Jan murmured to herself.

    - - -

    “The Kages have locked themselves away inside the main castle, I also can't find Banouin anywhere. He should be here to help in some way.” Yurii slammed her fist into the table before her. She was joined by Mikel and another woman who was much older then them both.
    “We should focus on what we do have.” The woman said pulling out a long knife, spinning it her hand once before throwing it down into the table. It landed straight up in the center of a map.
    “All the tools of victory are still here.” The map showed the entire Island, the name was misleading to anyone unfamiliar with the layout. Lounge Island was really made up of many Islands joined together by pathways the Kages had made over time.

    The woman bent over placing a finger on one of the smaller Islands. “They are going to land here...and...” Her finger slid across the map to the next one. “Here...” she kept her finger moving to another. “Possibly here.”
    “Then what do we do?” Mikel asked
    “Blow two of them.” The woman looked at him in the eyes.
    “Thats insane!”
    “It'll force them into one choke. We can not pass that up. We can also wait for them to land and then blow them, taking god knows how many men with them.”
    “You're talking about destroying holy ground!”
    “In order to save it, yes.”
    “You're insane Meika.”

    “If you're all done fighting.” Banouin's voice came from the doorway, they had all been to caught up to notice when he had arrived moments ago. “Yurii, I need a word.” He pushed the door open with his left hand.

    - - -

    Yurii tried hard to ignore the drums as they thundered in the distance coming ever closer. She also tried to keep pace with the fast moving Banouin but no matter what he seemed one step ahead. His new taste in clothes annoyed her as the heavy green cloak covered his face and moved to much in the wind. A new found sword was strapped to his back and the way he moved seemed oddly different. He seemed like a new person, an impossible change in such the short time they had been there. To top it all off he had been nowhere in sight when she needed him and now he wanted to take her away from important things when it was convent to him.

    Yurii was a bit hot with anger by the time they had stopped by the seaside cliff. She waited for him to turn and face her, waited for an expansion for his actions. None came however; Banouin turned to face the ocean he then removed his hood and remained silent.
    “Do you hear that?” Yurii said trying to contain herself as another drum sounded out.
    “I hear it.” Banouin said rather dull and almost to the point of uncaring.
    “I have work to do.” Yurii shook her head.
    “I know you do.” Banouin said keeping the dullness of his tone. He turned to face her showing a new black tattoo on his forehead.
    “After this battle I'll no longer belong to Sand.” His expression was blank.
    Yurii went to open her mouth but Banouin held up a hand to cut her off.
    “The Kages sent me to give you a message. They have a way to win this war, all you have to do is hold out until we return.”
    “I'll be joining them.”
    “And just were are you all going?!” It took everything she had to control the urge to leap at him and punch him in the face.
    “I cannot say.” He looked back to the ocean and seemed lost in thought.
    “Goodbye Yurii.”

    Yurii was left standing alone on the cliff as Banouin vanished in blinding speed. This was a dream she thought, she had imagined it all. The Kages would not have left them to fend for themselves. The drums of their enemies not far off, more ships then she could count. The horizon covered with them. Somewhere within them all, Shugo was there. She could feel it, a slow cold fear crept up her spine.

    To be continued...

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    Re: Clan Wars: Chapter seven

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    I hate cliffhangers. So much. T_____T

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    Re: Clan Wars: Chapter seven

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    Re: Clan Wars: Chapter seven

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    Meika. O:

    It's Meika!^^

    Haha, Abby. :P Who would of guessed she was evil? ^_^

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    Re: Clan Wars: Chapter seven

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    DUDe, NICE! dont keep me waiting for months either because ill kill you

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    Re: Clan Wars: Chapter seven

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