sick (poem)


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    sick (poem)

    Post by Choushi

    for my girlfriend, lol...just poems i write for her...hope yall like...comment if u like...comment if u dont like...hahah

    I've never seen a Washington sky so blue that i could see the total outline of the moon (in the daylight!)
    and though it feels like winter is coming soon it looks as if its California in June
    a total rip from reality
    weather is confusing my body so much i catch a malady
    and i'm drowning me-self
    by immersing my-self
    into this sickness never wanting to heal
    it started in my eyes when i first caught glimpse
    of her style, her figure, her eyes her lips
    and it
    spread to my mouth as she left me speechless
    she was different,righteous wealth, definitely holding herself
    like a Queen, because she was royalty
    everything i thought a woman would want to be
    and as she let her angelic voice just speak to me
    the disease spread to my ears so very easily
    I quickly found her via internet
    and it spread to my fingers typing endless messages after the friend request
    and it got into my mind in a matter of time (week)
    where, though i was nervous i knew she was everything i (need)
    and more knowledge of her was like the bacteria that multiplied (in me)
    so it progressively got worse as it shot for my heart
    and i knew from then on, this was terminal
    not a thing, or a fling, for a season
    but a lifelong sickness, simple reason
    i LOVE her..
    it was that rare day that brought her into my life and i am eternally greatful for that...

    so i've inscribed your likeness onto the back of my eyelids
    so that when i go to sleep i can be with you and when i blink i always smile after
    and i've etched your words into my ears so no matter what is said at me "i love you" is all that i hear
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