War Begins


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    War Begins

    Post by quater on Mon Nov 01 2010, 22:19

    All was well in WOTNOPOLIS. Gangs were committing crimes, the cops were arresting criminals, and citizens lived in constant fear. There was relative peace in the city. Each day was business as usual.

    One day, however, this changed. The four largest gangs met in a remote location of the city. They stood silently in the corners, watching the other gangs. The tension and excitement in the air were thick. This meeting was the result of many weeks of events. These four gangs had been enemies since they had been formed, but there had been an understanding between each of them. Each gang kept its activities limited to their own areas and did not interfere with the other gangs.

    Lately these unspoken rules had been broken. The activities of some gangs had been disrupted by other gangs. Fights had broken out between members. One gang had gone so far as to accuse another gang of stealing members and items from them. Negotiations failed; it was time to fight.

    Armed with every manner of weapons, the four groups melded in the center of the area. This was war and each gang was determined to win.

    Elsewhere, the cops of WOTNOPOLIS and the military were having a problem of their own. Both groups were set on destroying the gangs of the city. However, neither group wanted to share the glory with the other. Upon hearing about the gang war, both groups assembled and raced to the location of the war. They were determined to capture or kill more gang members than the other. If there were some cases of casualties from friendly fire, no one was going to complain.

    The forces of the Military and the cops decended on the gangs as the gangs began to fight. Chaos broke loose as gang fought gang and law enforcment. Cops fought military and gang.

    Individual members, those that stood out among the groups, split off from the main horde. They spread throughout WOTNOPOLIS, small one-on-one battles errupting. These small fights were the ones that would determind the victor in this great war.

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