Wills Story. Darkness, Death, and Black Ice, Chapter 1.


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    Wills Story. Darkness, Death, and Black Ice, Chapter 1.

    Post by Zergio on Thu Oct 14 2010, 23:50

    Chapter 1: Fatal encounter with the Shadows.


    The bounty hunter stood his ground with Julie in his arm, his sword to her throat. Will was unable to do anything, due to the fact that Julie's life was in danger. He ether had to risk her life, or surrender his own. He didn't even have to think on the answer, getting on his knee's.

    "Let her go. Let her leave this forest, and I'll willingly come with you."

    The bounty hunter went aand kicked Will right across the face, sending him flying into a tree. Will was winded, falling to the ground, gasping for air.

    "You think It'll be that easy!? No, she WILL remain a hostage until I feel like it. If I let her go, you'll just run away! We strike by attacking those precious to our target. Most of the targets try to save em, so we have to kill em, but YOU? You, the son of the experiment? You bow on your knees, begging for this girl to be released. Unless you come with me, I WILL kill her."

    Will had recovered his breath, and was getting back up, the impact making him dizzy.

    "Fine. I'll go with you"

    "and to make sure you don't do anything funny....... I'll show you what will happen if you disobey me!"

    The hunter flips his sword, so the sharp side is facing Julies neck, dragging it across her neck, slightly cutting it. Julie screams from the feeling of pain, and squirms, causing the blade to cut deeper into her neck.



    Julies blood began to flow out of her neck onto everything. The front of her shirt began to be covered in blood. The hunters arm got covered a little bit before he released Julie, jumping back*

    "Stupid girl! You brought that upon yourself!"

    He then kicks Julie in the head, sending her flying away, suddenly disappearing in the air. Will was looking down, his hair covering his eyes. Will's stance was in that of a martial artist, preparing to unleash his fury on the hunter. His body began to be surrounded by a black aura, his fits clenched tightly, causing him to cut his hands, blood seeping over his hands.

    "W-where.... how did she...?"

    The hunter glanced over to Will, noticing what was happening to him, his eyes widening.

    "Hunter, you went too far.........."

    Will glanced up, reveling his eyes had became red, surrounded by a line of yellow, circling around the red.

    "W-w-w-w-what are you doing!?"

    He quickly gained his fighting stance, staring at Will.

    "Prepare yourself....... for, when im done with you, there will be nothing left of you!"


    Shadow was tending to Julies wounds, stopping the bleeding.

    "Luckly, she fainted from blood loss. If im gonna catch that boy, I want a challenge. If she's dead, it'll be waaaaay too easy >.>"

    Shade was standing beside him, shaking his head.

    "Quit talking like your me, even though your my clone. Those are my lin-"

    Shade noticed Shadow had patched all the other wounds, only putting gauge on her neck wound



    Keven was walking through a town, nearby the place where Will and his parents lives.

    "Will, you better not be getting into trouble.........."

    He headed towards the ruins of the house, unaware of what lays ahead.


    Jade was rocking in her chair, reading through a book with maps of the world.

    "Heh, maybe Kevens gonna bring him to that place he's always talking about........ what was it? He's always talking about how Dragons, lions, and Scorpions live there. >.> its not even listed within any book of the world. Dragons, yeah right."


    "Sooooo, your a...... medic?"

    The emperor was talking to a woman, who was trying to apply for a medic job.

    "You can call me that. Although some call me a mage, or a witch."

    "What makes you think you would be of any use to me? I got the finest doctors and medics at my disposal."

    "You see, my healing ability comes through magic"

    The Emperor raised a eyebrow.

    "Magic you say?"


    He yawned.

    "Ok, now the boring part. God, I hate asking this question >____> but, as mighty as I am, I have to ask it. What fuels your desires? Give a stupid answer, and I'll behead you on the spot."

    She grinned.


    "Shesh, I warn you, but you give me a lame answer. Will power? Damnit, its more interesting to torture dead people then hear this crap. But, I'll give you a chance, since a healer with magic is rare nowadays. Guards, escort her to her room"

    As the guards walked her out, she whispered, so no one could hear.....

    "Not that kind of Will~"


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    Re: Wills Story. Darkness, Death, and Black Ice, Chapter 1.

    Post by Toshii on Sat Oct 23 2010, 10:58

    awesome chapter gio! i loves it :3~ can't wait for the next :D

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