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    Post by SickSelfishSyQo

    Do you like elevator shafts??
    Well, I don't.
    I couldn't get in the building as usual, and so this lady, who was going in, opened the door for me. She then decided that was an opening to tell me her life story. To not be rude, I stepped onto the elevator to let her continue her conversation. She asked me what floor I needed, I told her 5, she continued her story. When she got to the college portion I realized we were on the 10th floor. ... She didn't push my floor number. Now, normally I would have just taken the stairs - I only live on the fifth floor, but no - I had to be nice. So now, I'm standing there in the elevator, at the very top, as high as I could go, and this lady won't shut the hell up. She stood in the door's path so that it wouldn't shut; and continued to talk.
    She was talking SO LONG that the elevator door decided to ignore the obsruction and try to close anyway. But she put her feet against it, and her back against the side of the elevator, once again rendering the door unable to close.
    The entire time I was wondering what I could say to make her end her story so that I would no longer be suspended at a height that ensured death were I to plummet down the elevator shaft.

    I hit my head on the salad bar
    I do it evey time I clean it.
    It's got the perfect placement to be in a blind spot when I'm close to it.
    And I smashed my finger in a drawer.

    My boss asked me if I knew how to do the pull-thaw list. I said no. Then he said something about "well, we can..."
    I think we misunderstood each other
    When I said no, I didn't just mean "no, I don't know how"
    What I meant was "no I don't know how and am way too busy to bother learning how right now"

    When I was young enough to need to be babysat, I was with my grandfather fairly regularly. Often as we were hanging out on the lake, some kids would walk by and I would see my grandpa look at their clothes and mumble, "idiots". I always thought he was being harsh, or perhaps using the word out of context, as if to say that their clothes looked idiotic. But being young, I didn't ask.
    Years later, there I sat, at the bus stop. I saw these two kids across the street and laughed to myself.
    It was in the low 60's today, and this time of year , low 60's isn't warm. The clouds and wind deprived one of the hope of warmth from the sun.
    The first thing that caught my eye about this pair of boys is their pants - if they could be called that. Boy "A" had startlingly tight pants. Boy "B" looked like he may have painted his lower body and strode boldly into public with just a t-shirt and shoes. About that t-shirt... Both boys' t-shirts were probably my younger sister's size.
    Their shoes were the huge puffy kind of sneaker so their super thin-looking ankles ended in gigantic, marshmellow-looking feet. They looked somewhat ridiculous just because of their clothes, so to make it better, they were cold. They were all sqwunched up trying to keep warm, but also - realizing they were in a potential area of being sighted by someone important - they tried to pretend like they weren't.

    Wear a sweater ^^

    And yes! Wearing sweater time has finally come to us!! My fingertips get cold quickly, but it's such nice weather to walk in. And! The leaves are changing! I wonder how many of you have seen that?? There's a lot of east coasters... Although I dislike living here, there are certain things that are good about it. It's usually sunny with crisp, cool air. It feels clean?? The leaves crunch under your feet (note to self: not good if one is going for stealth) in the fall and then the snow does the same in winter.... Until it gets so deep I can't go anywhere. At least I don't have to shovel any car out of snowplow-created drifts. Or sit outside scraping ice off of a windshield.

    Woo-hoo for leaves.

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    Post on Mon Oct 04 2010, 03:00 by quater

    Okay my internet is going off but just know someone is reading this and will comment on it tomorrow!

    Post on Mon Oct 04 2010, 09:02 by Mikel

    i'm sorry, but it made me laugh. ^^;; though i supposed i should be more sympathetic? i would hate to be in the first situation. and for the second, yeah, that's pretty awesome :P

    Post on Mon Oct 04 2010, 15:25 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Haha, that's ok, I laughed about half of it myself ^^

    Post on Mon Oct 04 2010, 16:16 by Mikel

    i have to hand it to you, though. personally, i would've ignored the person and leave. such a nice girl you are. ^^

    Post on Thu Oct 07 2010, 12:55 by Lunami

    I've done that, but not in an elevator. I would have asked to continue the conversation in the hallway, as I have a dreaded fear of heights, and being that high up in an elevator shaft, not all that pleasant a thought.

    I hate those things. They're almost invisible for a moment, so when you look down to see what's there, you end up making a fool of yourself.

    No comment on what the boss-man said.

    People actually dress like that now?

    I love the colder weather. <3 I can't stand the warmer temperatures. It could be 40 degrees outside, and I'll go out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. And I agree with the clean. I bet it's the ocean's fault! I especially love when the sun gives off enough warmth to keep the bite off the wind, but the wind is chilly. I haven't been in that in forever. X.x

    Doubt I'll see snow though, or leaves, for that matter.

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