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    Zee Tee House of Solutions~

    Post by Zergio on Wed Sep 22 2010, 03:09

    Welcome to our lil tea party~ Sit down and have a cup, if we still have any~

    Me and Temi have decided to lend our powers of observation to those who have problems. Basically, we will try to help you with whatever problem you may have~

    But try to get us to do your homework, and I might flip out on you!

    Zee and Tee are meant to be our initials, so that this tea party is our own~

    Feel free to leave your problem in a post here, and we will get to it ASAP, but, we also accept PM's, if you don't want anyone else to know what it is.

    I, Zergio, and Temi, will NEVER....
    1. Reveal info to others, if so requested.
    2. Make fun of your problem
    3. Ignore a problem you need solved (unless its homework)

    And we will ALWAYS....
    1. Help you as best as we can.
    2. Get to you ASAP.
    3. Respect your wish for privacy.

    We won't stand for....
    1. ANYONE mocking your problem
    2. Members taking advantage of us. We're here to help, not lead your life, or to do your homework.
    3. People insulting us, calling us frauds, or asking for the shop to be closed if we can't help you.

    We don't wanna charge people, but, if we have to, We will make it cheap~ We want this to be a non-profit organization, because all we want is to help people~

    and, remember. We have things we must do, so, please be patient. And, be sure to let us know if your problem is solved before we contact you.

    Temi: The March Hare

    I may seem a little annoying or I may seem like I don't understand you but truely I can sense emtions even if it is just words. I don't mind if you whine or brag about a problem as long as it doesn't last forever. I'll listen to what you want to say and I'll try to give you my best answer(s). I may not seem mean but I can get that way at times but I'm pretty nice unless you get too out of hand. With all honesty, I'll help you with your problem no matter what it is.

    Zergio: The Mad Hatter.

    I tell it as I think it is. I can be harsh, and, I can get it wrong, but I tend to get the main problem pinned, though I ask plenty of questions, so I understand the situation. In the end, I'll be as nice as I can. I'll be honored to help you with whatever problem you need help with ^^

    Now, pull up a chair, tell us your problem, and I'll see if we got any tea left~

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