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    Out of Region

    Post by Destinykil

    Right Now i've decided to take up Wing Chun, been doing it for a week or two now and i'm really progressing well. MY sifu has allowed me to take someone under my wing and train them as long as i dont slack off. So i took Blackheart under my wing. Now..

    Do you think its poser-ish for my to purchase Kung-Fu outfits to wear and practice in? Because I know some people in the world are jerks and like to say american ppl shouldnt wear foreign clothes they are posers blah blah. Its not like its for decoration, iuts for appearance and for training.
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    Post on Wed Sep 15 2010, 10:09 by Lunami

    No, it's not. The reason these sorts of clothing are worn for these things is because they're loose enough to be able to move about, and they're comfortable (and on top of that, they look awesome!).

    Last I checked, the material was also very good. Strong enough to prevent ripping from due to excessive movement, but I may be mistaken on that.

    In the end, wear what you want. If it gives results, and you look cool doing it, does it matter what anyone else things?

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