We're so close guys~


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    We're so close guys~

    Post by quater

    Hey, I know it's been really inactive and empty lately guys, and I know a lot of you probably don't think anything is coming. That this is the end of the rope or road or whatever for WOTN.

    But we are literally within a week - 2 weeks of having WOTNOPOLIS ready to roll out for you guys. This'll include all kinds of perks and add-ons and stuff you guys have been asking for and so much more to do on the website. It'll integrate tons of loose ends that we've had floating around. Just hang on and stick with us a little longer. We're so close. I'd hate to bring to you guys the change you've been waiting for, a purpose for this site, and then you guys all have just left.

    I know it's been rough. WOTN hasn't had any changes lately, and I know nothing new seems like it's around the corner. And I know, trust me, we've promised new stuff before. But we're so close to making a massive and hopefully awesome change. I think you guys will really like it.

    Heck I'd be able to bring it to you faster if it weren't for all this darned work and schooling, but we're going as fast as we can.

    So give us like 2 more weeks. Or don't. Give up WOTN now and you would have pretty much wasted your time here and missed out~
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    Post on Fri Sep 10 2010, 03:12 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    Can't wait to see whats in store for WOTN~
    thanks for all the hard work u put in Q & the others that help along too^_^

    WOTN has always been able to work thru its glitches (:

    Post on Mon Sep 13 2010, 01:05 by Banouin

    Yes it has Cris. ^^

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