4th meal on 3rd shift XD

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    4th meal on 3rd shift XD

    Post by Destinykil

    DEs just thought he'd share that while working a 3rd shift, i have 4th meal(taco bell) and its sooo tasty.

    STEAK Quesadilla rocks my socks with spices.
    These burritos are tasty and cheesy.

    I think its time for a RAP!

    i need two supreme tacos and hold the sour cream
    it makes me vomit and it's an ugly scene
    a chicken quesadilla and taco salad, too
    this is how we do up in the drive thru
    i need a spicy chicken double decker chilli cheese wrap
    large coke, bottle of water, don't forget the cap
    i need two soft tacos and an enchurrito
    don't be thinking that its all for me though
    "yo queiro taco bell" my boy said to me
    so i'll get him a chalupa and one for free.
    i hope you're getting all this down, you're sitting there without a sound
    hot sauce, i need that too, make it three, no make it two
    large coke, i need that too,
    one for me and for you
    just kidding, being nice
    yellow rice, he wants that too, is that something you guys do?
    if not nachos please, hold the lettuce, add the cheese
    one more holla for a dollar
    this my crew in this drive thru
    one more thing, give it to me cause baby
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    Post on Mon Aug 30 2010, 01:29 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Haha, what skill.

    Post on Mon Aug 30 2010, 01:32 by Destinykil

    not gunna lie,, thats on youtube

    Post on Mon Aug 30 2010, 01:39 by SickSelfishSyQo

    It still sounds good, yes??

    Post on Mon Aug 30 2010, 01:48 by Destinykil

    hell yeah it does lol!

    the food was good as well @.@

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