Zergio's story, the tale of Will. Chapter 7


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    Zergio's story, the tale of Will. Chapter 7

    Post by Zergio on Fri Aug 27 2010, 17:30

    Chapter 7: The Hostage


    Will was about to finish his day's harvest, but, as always, Julie was finished with time to spare.

    "After a year, one might think you'd get better at this~" She approached him from behind. "It gets lonely being first, you know......"

    Will looked her in the eyes, and he began to blush, so he quickly turned around, before she saw him blush. "well, not everyone can do this as well as you can. I still have 5 baskets to do.

    Julie ran up and jumped on Will, knocking him over. "Your way to serious Will~ I used to have to do both our jobs before, so its natural for me to be better~"

    "Psh, thanks alot >.< I feel better......."

    Julie stood him up and kissed his cheek "You've been a huge help ever since you came here you know~ You deserve a reward, and not a money reward~" She leaned closer to him.

    Will was bushing so deep, and it made it embarrassing because she could see him blushing. He didn't know what to do, so he leaned forward.

    Julie gained a grin and hopped away. "Your not getting no kiss from me~ At least not yet~" She blushed a lil as well.

    Will went and grabbed two baskets and went to finish his work, still blushing.

    Julie ran past him with the other 3 baskets. "Race ya~"

    "Your on! and Im still waiting on that reward~ ;P"

    "You'll get it soon enough~"


    Shade was watching Will and Julie. He pulled out his Journal and began to write in it.

    "Chapter 7, The Hostage~ I just got a briliant idea, you see, im gonna exploit the weakness of the boy so I can easily capture him. The flesh heals from a wound quite easily, but the heart? If I break that, he'll never recover. My new target is........" He was interrupted by the sight of the two entering the forest, and that other hunter following them. "Crap! I gotta act fast!" Shade ran towards the forest, after the three of them.


    "I finally found the boy, and he has a girlfriend. If I can snatch her, he'll have to give up and come with me~ Heh, my partner will regret not joining me when I become rich~"


    "Jade....... I got a bad feeling........"

    Jade had just finished whooping his ass after finding his book of records, and seeing the many files inside it. "Next time, don't mess with me then"

    "No...... its about Will........"

    "Don't tell me your psychic, cuz I won't believe you"

    "Its just...... its been a year....... who knows what could happen to him..........."

    "Heh, brotherly love~ So sappy, but sweet~"

    "He can't find out about me Jade. It will only cause complications."

    Jade whacked him over the head. "He doesn't have to, but if your truly Wills older brother, then go make sure he remains safe! I don't want your brother apart of the empire......... like what happened with my father.............."

    The man pulled down his hood. He had short brown hair, and the exact same eye color of Will. "Your right......... I have to go protect him........ We may only have the same mother, but he's still my blood relative......."

    "Heh, go alrdy, Sappy"

    "My names not sappy!" He stormed out of the room, putting his hood back on.

    "Heh, sure seems like it, Keven"


    Julie was way ahead of Will, already on her third basket, Will only just starting on his second basket. "Your so slow, Zergio!~"

    "No, your just too fast!"

    Julie stuck her tongue out and ran out of sight to tease him, still picking the required herbs. As she walked a little further, the bounty hunter found and grabbed her, tackling her to the ground. Unable to do anything else, she took a deep breathed, and screamed.......


    The scream echoed through the forest, Will and Shade easily picking up on the sound.

    Will started to run to her. "JULIANA!!!!"

    Shade heard the both of them. "Shesh, these two are quite lively." Shade ran after the girls voice.

    The hunter laughed. "Who's this Zergio? Your accomplice is named William."

    "What are you talking about!? He told me his name was Zergio!"

    "Sweetcakes, even pathetic bounty hunters know thats a fake name. His name is William. He's wanted by the army, and, if you stay with him, your gonna pay the price."

    Julie went silent.

    "Still don't believe me?" The hunter dropped the poster of Will in front of her. "Read it and weep~"

    Julie Didn't seem to react from the poster, but moments later, Will found them, and stared furiously at the hunter.

    "Hello, Will"

    "H-how do you know my name?"

    The hunter picked up the poster and threw it to him. Will looked positively shocked when he saw the poster.

    "So, Will, you have a decision to make. Your freedom, or the girls life?"



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    Re: Zergio's story, the tale of Will. Chapter 7

    Post by Toshii on Fri Aug 27 2010, 18:32

    awesome chapter giO! :D

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