Hehe, School~ :D


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    Hehe, School~ :D

    Post by UreshiiQ

    So I recently started school. It's okay, I got Tex-History first and stuff. That's been pretty boring, but Math is fun, a bit. Our teacher is pretty fun/cool. Science has been the funnest though XD XD Not only does our teacher say 'Mkay' at the end of his sentences, but we were looking how to tell the distance between good webpages, and bad webpages, and he really scared us by bringing 'DHMO' into the classroom, which from what we read, it was really lethal and bad for you. He came in with goggles and gloves, and then spilled it on William 'accidently', while informing us it's just water. xD Then we get our own little netbooks :D
    Uhhh then we ELA/R which is not that fun. I Was stuck on it all night last night. But then again, we just come back from lunch, so we're bored because we wanna go to PE, and stuff. PE is pretty fun, all the girls - minus Savannah - are practicing volleyball. Poor Savannah has to go run with the guys xD~ She likes it though, so it's okay. Uhhh then we have Health, which is okay. The only *interesting* topic is about the changes to our bodies >.>~ But school's been good, other than forgetting some crap, I'm doing okay. :D NOW OFF TO BREAKFAST! :D
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    Post on Thu Aug 26 2010, 09:26 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    sounds like ur having a good one (: woah u guys got ur own netbooks, sounds like a rich skool :P
    woo~ go science haha, that sounds fun.

    Post on Thu Aug 26 2010, 17:57 by Toshii

    ELA - English Language Arts

    yay rii ^^

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