August 15 2010 News


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    August 15 2010 News

    Post by quater

    First, watch this video.

    Okay, good.

    Illegal Aliens have two names now. "Undocumented Workers" and "Displaced Foreign Traveler". Haha, gotta love it. It took them 3 years to replace the lightbulb on this street lamp in England. Government, eh? You think it can't happen here? It did, actually. A small slab of cement needed to be paved over and after 2 years of waiting a small town did it themselves. Then they got ticketed for doing it without a license. According to Al Gore, the US has failed us in Global Warming. And he is right! According to a study detecting the temperatures in the Great Lakes are, the lakes are being recorded at 430 degrees! That's twice the temperature of boiling!

    Yeah, so apparently they weren't getting numbers that showed warming, so they forged a few numbers by hundreds and hundreds of degrees off, to make the entire chart look higher. Smooth. This was a Federal Institution and a University working together on that plan. So, we are certainly failing on being honest about Global Warming, at least.

    President Obama used this woman as an example for Teachers going out of work:

    However, she was actually laid off because the teacher's had no one to teach. Whoops. I remember in my school we had like, 15 student classrooms to one teacher. Why? To give students "appropriate" one on one educating. Yeah...I never got any of that. Teachers ignored me and I was fine with that. So I see no need for small classrooms. Clean off the rosters of people unneeded, please.

    Harry Reid said this week that "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." Well, Marco Rubio (the congressman to be of Florida, whom I met!!!) is a Hispanic, and a Republican, and he had something to say to that. I am a big fan of anything this guy says.

    This reporter is being fired for partisanship. Why? He reported that President Obama received campaign aide from BP. When it was...true. The horror.

    10 reasons why President Obama is in trouble. Personally, I am not so happy with the first 3. "He fails to inspire" and "doesn't show strong leadership" are pathetic reasons. I can think of much stronger ones. It costs 410,000 dollars to save one stimulus Job, which is how much President Obama makes. Hooray.

    And on that note, the President Obama economic team is Exhausted. Poor fellas.

    Read this one. This one is my favorite article of the week.

    Okay, so I had lots of articles, sorry! There really was a lot of news this week that was kind of interesting. So to make up for it, no big long several paragraph part of an argument for you! I'll double up on that next week and have less articles!
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    Post on Sun Aug 15 2010, 23:27 by KarateKeyaQ

    W.O.W on the lightbulb thing.

    It's funny because the article was like, "Residents celebrate today over the replacing of a lightbulb." And I'm like oh yes, quite the hurdle to tackle.

    Small victory (:

    Post on Sun Aug 15 2010, 23:44 by SickSelfishSyQo

    "displaced foreign traveler" XD

    Post on Wed Aug 18 2010, 21:18 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Representing the UK stories... we're not all crazy, I promise :3

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