August 7 2010 (Qs News)


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    August 7 2010 (Qs News)

    Post by quater

    Like the nickname? Not that any of you read this. But q's news sounds fancy!

    Look at that little girl! So adorable. Too bad she got her lemonade stand closed down. Why? Because she failed to get a proper lemonade permit. Yeah. Real fair. =/ Not.

    I ran a lemonade stand, that sold brownies and cookies. We made like 40 dollars by putting it at the end of the road and selling them to kids as they came home from school, but we only did it once. Good thing, too! The government would of shut my non licensed butt down.

    John Kerry is trying to set up a program that would exchange US workers for Muslim country workers. Basically, we'd give up our professors, scientists, and beaucrats for exchange of theirs. Make sense? Why you ask? I have no freaking clue. To 'cement' our relationship with the Muslim World. I don't get it. I am just glad this guy is not our president. Oh, and for the world, why is it always the Muslim World. Have we ever done this with: The Catholic World? The Buddhist World? The Jewish World? The Atheist world? No, no, and, no. But the Muslim World? Yes. Why the double standard?

    Harry Reid is defending a study that lets monkeys get drugged up on Cocaine then scientists study it. Reid says that this money, that was given to it during the great economic bailout, could help us understand drug addiction and help people get off Cocaine. If we figure out what chemicals in the brain cause it, that is. The problem? This was given out during an economic stimulus, and this produces almost no money for the economy at all. Do these guys know anything about the economy?

    Whites support President Obama 38% of the time, and blacks 88% of the time. Huh. Oh, and President Obama has officially hit less than the majority of Americans supporting him. Personally, I think he's been there for well over a year, but polls have just been doing their best not to show it. Oh well.

    This is just some economic talk that compares the Ronald Reagan Economics to President Obama's and how much better Reagan's went even though they have both had similar economic situations. The difference between them is pretty simply a matter of color. One is Communist Red and the other toppled over the Soviet Union.

    An article on the Mosque Building over the 9-11 site.

    But hey, at least President Obama thinks he's doing well.
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    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:17 by SickSelfishSyQo

    O: How can you say nobody reads them?!? I'm offended, Kazekage. I read it.

    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:19 by quater

    Oh, no one replied to the last one, so I kind of figured I was just making these to an invisible audience. My bad, SSS! I did not mean to offend you.

    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:21 by SickSelfishSyQo

    You didn't ^^ I was just teasin. But I do read em!

    About the mosque... Theres like three in that area and they needed a new one due to size increase or an old building or something. I don't see why they shouldn't build it there.

    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:30 by quater

    SickSelfishSycho wrote:You didn't ^^ I was just teasin. But I do read em!

    About the mosque... Theres like three in that area and they needed a new one due to size increase or an old building or something. I don't see why they shouldn't build it there.

    Several reasons.

    They're building on a landmark, one that was already claimed because that building and district has a lot of historic relevance. Not to mention it has the landing gear that crashed through it thanks to 9/11. So not only was it already historic, but now it's historic and extra historic. A two for two score. Instead of a memorial to those who died on 9/11 or leaving it alone so we can appreciate history or even rebuilding up the building into a prominent business to prove America's entrepreneurial spirit we are building, a mosque! Cause that my friend is quite the American way.
    The Imam who wants to build there, is a part of the Cordoba Institute. This institute has been pushing for Sharia law, and this Imam himself has outspokenly said they want Sharia law implemented in the United States. In case you aren't aware, that's the law where women have to cover up and wear burkahs, and where only Islam is allowed to be a religion. Not only that but the Imam said that we were accomplices in our own demise at 9/11 because of how we treat the world. So the guy who wants this mosque is a bit illegitimate. At least to say that he wants it there to build up the community.
    Also, I am glad you mentioned those mosques, because as you may know, those mosques are actually under the CIA and FBI alert and surveillance because they have had so many ties with foreign and domestic terrorism and have been so radical. So, I don't know, might not be the best idea to let them build yet another Mosque so we'd have to just watch that one, too.

    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:38 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Well, they would be getting rid of one of the old ones I think. So it wouldn't really be 'another one'

    As for the rest of the situation - I was uninformed. ^^ However I am aware of Sharia law. It's bullshit. One of those laws/doctrines that should rot. Personal opinion of course - not that you asked.

    I think I've heard mention of Cordoba before...

    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:41 by quater

    Yup! When you put all that other information in it completely changes the context of the situation, I think. I figured you might know about Sharia law, but not everyone who may of stumbled into our convo. And I would have to say that is the best description of Sharia Law. It's utterly stupid and utterly unAmerican.

    There may be more than one Cordoba Institute. I just know about this particular one.


    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:45 by SickSelfishSyQo

    It kinda does, huh?? I would really have to dig a bit deeper to try and argue this one. But I don't feel like it.

    Cordoba sounds like one of those cooking schools they try to get you into by putting underfunded ads on the tv ^^

    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:48 by quater's not like I just make this stuff up! ^_^;; know...could just give me the benefit of the doubt instead of arguing -_- I may be right, afterall!


    Post on Sun Aug 08 2010, 00:51 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Haha, you are right ^^ It's most likely not a good idea. I just like to hear peoples' reasoning and the best way to get that from them is to present an opposing view - whether I believe the line I'm towing or not (:

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