The Demon Factor


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    The Demon Factor

    Post by Icarus on Sat Jul 24 2010, 16:21

    CHAPTER 1 - Part 1
    Takashi stared down at the young boy's body, tears beginning to brim to the surface of his eyes. Blood traveled in an uneven line from the mutilated corpse, ending by Takashi's blood-stained sneakers. He gazed at the partial dismemberment of his head, and the deep gashes on his exposed stomach. His internal organs had been all but ripped from his abdomen.
    Takashi sighed. He had done it again. Those unconscious urges he had been feeling at first escalated to this. This marked the third, and most brutal murder he had ever commited. All in just two months.
    "I thought I was stronger than this," he muttered to himself sadly.
    Takashi took another look at the scenery around him. A dusty, old cabin filled to the brim with cobwebs and rodents. Just an abandoned shack on a hill in the forests of Okinawa.
    "Why do you feel sorrow?" That oh-so familiar voice asked him, the ever-lasting sadistic edge to its tone.
    Why do you feel the need to torment me? Takashi internally asked.
    "You are my Youki. I do not torment you," The voice answered.
    Really? Takashi asked, his tone laced with sarcasm. I was under the impression that demons tormented anyone.
    In normal, human cases, that would be correct. But, Takashi knew better. He knew the consequences of him being tormented by the very demon that was connected to his soul.
    The voice ceased speaking, as if it were silently contemplating his torturous demise.
    For now, Takashi had to destroy the body. He couldn't risk anyone finding it.
    Holding out his palm, a blue flame gathered and flicker lightly. Concetrating, he turned the blue flame into a blazing fire, the flame growing almost twice in size.
    Takashi turned his palm around, and the blue flame dropped onto the body, engulfing it seconds later.
    Takashi turned, the tears even more pronounced in his eyes as he began to walk away.
    The Demon Factor had, indeed, doomed him to a life of torture.

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    Re: The Demon Factor

    Post by Toshii on Sun Jul 25 2010, 18:04

    awesome jay! ^^

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    Re: The Demon Factor

    Post by Banouin on Sun Jul 25 2010, 20:03

    Another story? ._. What about the others. D:

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    Re: The Demon Factor

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