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    Post by quater on Thu Jul 15 2010, 20:50

    So fans, we have our own Subsection. Yay! I plan to do an update soon with chapter 13 coming out, and eventually we're going to have Manga Chapters, too! Exciting.

    But for now! This is our section. Chat up anything WOTNopolis here.

    Also the fanclub: http://www.wayoftheninja.org/akatsuki-s-fanclub-tower-f33/wotnopolis-appreciation-society-t6754.htm Could be more fantastic, so if anyone wants to get with Clair and make it more amazing, let's do that. ^_^

    But anyway, if you have anything particular you want to say about the series say it here. This also counts for WOTNOPOLAS and any chapter specials. ^^ Questions, comments, anything and everything.
    I'm also looking for someone who could do like, a 3 or 4 paragraph summary of the series that doesn't give away too much information (like a basic description) so that I can make a thread for that for people who haven't read it yet but might be interested.

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