Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will, Chapter 4


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    Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will, Chapter 4

    Post by Zergio on Sun Jul 11 2010, 00:17

    Chapter 4: A casual day of work.


    Will decided to take a look around the next day. What he was dealing with were some normal folk on a plain prairie. He was glad there was water nearby, since he could practice manipulating the water. But other then that, there wasn't to much to do, since town was some miles away.

    "Shesh, I've been here for bout a day, and i'm bored out of my skull!" Will said, sitting by the lake. "Better then being in a jail cell though, or being in the army"


    The man had read through half of the book before he tossed it aside. "Just summarize it for me. Im sick of reading all this"

    "Would it kill you to read it all?" Jade said with a annoyed look.

    "That depends. Here, It will slowly kill me, due to every second wasted reading it when you could just summarize it. On the battle field, I'll die in 5 seconds."

    "Haha, fine. The scientists messed up the experiment on purpose."

    "Tell me why"

    ">_> Can't even give a woman some patience?"

    The man snapped his fingers. "Just tell me"

    Jade sighed. "Fine. You see......."



    Will jumped from shock, landing in the water.

    Julie laughed. "Bit timid, are we?" She gave Will a sly look"

    Will surfaced, giving Julie a glare. "Watcha want...?"

    Julie put on a serious face, trying not to laugh. "We need to discuss something."

    Will Just stared at her. "Huh?"


    Shade had reached the area of Wills old home, and was analyzing the situation. "Damn it, if he would of told me what happened, this would of been much easier." He looked at the poster again. "A water bender, eh? Well, seeing how the soldiers couldn't handle him, and how there's a lake nearby, the water must of played a role here. Assuming he isn't a hammer in the water, he must of surfaced somewhere. Gotta look around to see where he could of went........"


    Will was now face directly with Julie's parents. Her father looked like a weak, skinny guy, and her mother never did take her apron off, except when she went to town.

    Julies father began to question Will. "My daughter told me that she found you unconscious on the beach. Why were you in such a state?"

    Will had to come up with another lie, since he couldn't reveal what really happened. They'd probably turn him in.

    "I was abducted from my family when I was 1, and was raised a slave."

    Julie's father just sat in silence.

    "I have the ability to manipulate water, so they used it to they're advantage, making me work to the point of collapsing, giving me 1 meal a day. Eventually, I decided to run away."

    Julie's father still said nothing.

    "By the time I reached the lake, I was exhausted, and they started to look for me. I fell unconcious by the edge of the lake, so I must of drifted off into the water."

    Julie's father glared at him, Will starting to feel tense under the pressure. A bit of sweat dripped down his cheek as he felt the stare from her father.

    Julie looked at Will, then back at her father. "Dad......."

    Julies dad looked at her, and then looked back at Will. "I'll allow you to stay here, but you have to earn the right to, so you'll assist Julie on her errands, got it?"

    Will sighed in relief. "Sure"

    Her dad smiled. "You start work tomorrow."


    "Psh, those scientists believe in anything." The cloaked man stated.

    "True, but they're onto something here" Jade replied. "With the DNA of Ultima inserted into a human, they predicted the power will seperate into forms, and, at a young age, that power will be even more powerful then when inserted into a adult. No such expirament could ever be accepted by anyone, due to the risk, so they inserted it into Mako so....."

    "It would be put into his system, so all the semen he produced would have the power, so his child would gain the powers instead!"

    Jade just stood there, her jaw wide open. "You can't bother to read books, but you can guess what the scientists did, without a single clue to how it went?!"

    The cloaked man just sat there. "............ fine. I read every single book I ever said I didn't complete. I just made it look like I didn't."


    "Are we really gonna trust this "shade" person, your highness?" The new lieutenant was unsure of his emperors actions.

    "Of course we will~ We put a tracking device inside a coin in the sack, so, We'll have soldiers tracking his every move~ He'll lead us to the boy, and then, we'll kill him, and have the boy~" The emperor replied. "Doubt me again, and I'll have you whipped."

    "Y-yes sir!" The Lieutenant rushed out.

    The emperor drank his wine and sighed. "I'm surrounded by idiots......."

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will, Chapter 4

    Post by Toshii on Sun Jul 11 2010, 00:24

    yay! chapter 4! :O awesome :3

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will, Chapter 4

    Post by UreshiiQ on Sun Jul 11 2010, 01:33

    Tis good~ I like it ^_^

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will, Chapter 4

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