WOTN = WOTNopolis?


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    WOTN = WOTNopolis?

    Post by quater

    Hi there. You might of seen me around the site. They call me Q. I've been here a long time, and I've seen a lot of changes on WOTN. Some were good, some were not. But WOTN has never remained still. Now let me tell you about another change WOTN is planning.

    Many of you may of heard of the series WOTNopolis, created by Q and Bano. It's a fanfic in the fan section, and it was quite the hit, still is. So what does this have to do with WOTN at large?

    Well I'm glad you asked, random ninja. You see, WOTN has long been a Naruto site. But who here even reads Naruto anymore? Likes Naruto? Believes there's a future in Naruto? Most people do not keep up with Naruto, let alone think it has a future ahead of it. Most people don't even pay the slight attention to the Naruto elements of WOTN, either.

    If WOTN stays a Naruto site for eternity, make no mistake about it, WOTN will sink it's own ship. People don't care much for Naruto, and it's getting less stylish by the day. WOTN can either stick to it's Naruto core and die, or it can try something new. Since WOTN really was never very hardcore Naruto, and WOTN always tries something new, that's what we plan here today.

    You see the Manga team has quietly been turning the WOTNopolis fanfic into the WOTNopolis Manga. They are redoing lame parts and transforming the hit series into an even bigger and better story. So what does that mean for WOTN? Well are we going to be a Naruto site with a Gangster Manga, or are we going to slowly transform into a WOTNopolis site.

    And I do mean slowly. We'd never completely erase Naruto off WOTN. Nor would we do this to you overnight. But overtime it'd probably serve everyone if we drifted away from Naruto, something that is really holding us back, and drifted to something else. WOTNopolis is our own series, completely ours. If it becomes popular, we have complete control over it. And it's fun. Gangsters and superheroes, what could you want more? WOTNians would probably enjoy the change.

    But it's up to you. I am announcing this partial idea, because we have talked about it behind the scenes a while. Do you want to stay a Naruto site forever? A series most people don't read anymore? Or try to slowly drift into our own original series? Tell us what you think. How would you like it done? And ask questions that would need to be answered here.

    Thanks for reading. This was Q.
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    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 01:35 by SickSelfishSyQo

    I noticed this a while ago.
    I'm not sure I really thought of us as a Naruto site all that much, besides the way we have villages set up and such. That rhymed.... Anyway, I don't think doing something liek that would be detrimental to the site. It could bring about a change that included improvement.

    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 06:26 by amaterasu

    I still like reading naruto >.>

    But anyways, what would happen to the villages then, would they be replaced by name?

    I never really got into WOTNopolis so I won't understand most changes

    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 09:13 by Banouin



    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 19:29 by amaterasu

    oh, wait, the URL, would that change? Because then you know, since it would be a big change people might get lost and forget what it is and all that.


    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 19:33 by quater

    For now, we have no plans in the works to change the URL.

    However someday we miiiight buy another URL, but we'd still keep the WOTN one as an anchor anyway and I'd give people, like, a year's notice before we swapped em.

    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 19:38 by amaterasu

    okay, so back to original. What would become of the villages? Who they just dissipate and become gangs? And stuff?

    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 21:25 by Titaniumxvx

    What a change, my, my! I have to say in all respects, your idea is a sensible one. The Naruto craze is surely dying down and soon it will become outmoded. But I am also hesitant to kick the box out from under our feet and repudiate the values that Naruto presents. Naruto is an incredible manga/anime of powerful foundations that helped set up WOTN for what it is today.

    WOTNopolis is certainly an equally amazing piece of work but denying the roots that started the movement would seem wrong and out of place.

    This is before my time for sure, but remember the Forest of Death? I know because I took the Chuunin exams over there. That forum and WOTN was based on the greatness of Naruto. It's ninjas, creative characters, and a crazy battle cuts. With all due respect, I hope you understand and I commend your ideas. I am just hesitant.

    Post on Tue Jul 06 2010, 21:31 by quater

    Don't worry Titan, I do not plan to erase Naruto from WOTN with a sponge. But we've been given an opportunity to try something completely original on WOTN. All our own. I'd think that'd make an even greater story. But I am just asking to see what people think.

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 10:35 by Zergio

    Hm, what could this kinda change do to the site?

    Thinking about it all has made it interesting to my eyes. WOTN is constantly changing, so I don't think pushing the Naruto base away, slowly, but still keeping it could be beneficial. As you said Q, Naruto is gonna die down. In fact, I Haven't watched Naruto in........... forever......... ^^;;;;;;; Plus, its not every day you see a site with its very own Manga. Sure, we'll lose some of the old, but its for the benefit of our WOTN, plus, we'll grow to the changes of the site~ Well, at least most of us.

    I give you....... 4/5 thumbs up. Wow, I gave a review. Haven't done that for a while...... don't mind me, carry on~

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 16:11 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease


    Or I will leave! ...I totally wont, but it wont be cool!

    Plus, so many animes have ninja in them. We can make it a general anime site ;)

    But WOTN could do with a bit of cleaning up, I think..

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 19:28 by amaterasu

    Samurai's > Ninjas

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 19:39 by theBOSS.

    This has my seal of approval.

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 20:30 by sabaku no ketsueki

    .....I still read Naruto.

    But drifting away from Naruto seems like a good idea.

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 20:59 by quater

    I read it as well, but we are in the uber minority, sabaku. ^^

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 21:05 by amaterasu

    Samurai's > Ninja's

    but moving away from naruto is kind of a good idea, now that I have pondered it. becasue young fantween are rare these days

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 21:06 by quater

    Um, kay. Why do you keep saying samurai are greater than ninjas?

    And no Clair, we won't change the url anytime soon.

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 21:07 by amaterasu

    I'm not too sure myself.

    I guess I just did?

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 21:12 by quater

    Well for the fierce debate between Samurai and ninja, I think we all have a good idea where Ama stands.

    Post on Wed Jul 07 2010, 21:33 by amaterasu

    Cool, that way everyone is clear

    Post on Tue Aug 03 2010, 23:09 by Endless Nothing

    From the prospective of one of the 'older', refering simply to my age of course, members of WOTN.
    Im all for it. Even when i first joined, although it was the naruto base that caught my attention and lured me to this site, i had already begun to lose some interest in Naruto. Not that my love for the manga will ever die, but i didn't make it a point to get ahold of the next issue every time one was published either.

    I do foresee many an issue with the change however. As, i am sure, you do as well Q. It will be incredibily difficult to change the theme of the site to that of WOTNopolis and still keep naruto themed ideals as its base. It may be pessimistic of me to say this but, i see no way to keep naruto themes involved at all. Ninja's in general yes, but naruto itself, no.

    Still this should not be seen as a reason to scrap the changes you have planned. I too have seen many a transformation on this site, but i have yet to see an evolution. In my humble opinion, this idea qualifies as one.

    Post on Wed Aug 04 2010, 03:52 by PeinQAkatsuki

    This is good~ :O

    Because, in all reality... WOTN's really not much of a Naruto site anymore. Because... really most of us don't know what's going on in Naruto anymore. It's the truth!

    But I wonder about the villages? Are we keeping those... or...?

    Post on Wed Aug 04 2010, 12:38 by KarateKeyaQ


    I'm barely into anime anymore, much less Naruto. I would not be fazed if this site was no longer about it or, at least, not centered around it anymore~

    Post on Mon Sep 20 2010, 18:31 by Envy'sWrath

    I think its a good I dea but I dont like the WOTNopolis stroy I just never got into it at all though I am sorry to sayt that but I never did read the story I did read the first couple chapters but it was and I say it and I dont care if Q rants that it was Boring almost like reading a dictionary... but I would go along with teh change cause its a good idea.

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