when your Parents hate you.


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    when your Parents hate you.

    Post by NightKitsuneQ

    you know what hurts the most? your parents hating you and not giveing a flying heck about you at all, and what hurt the most is when you try so hard to gain your parents love and they still hate you. I know that feeling from my own parents. and it hurts to know that they despise and hate me, just yesterday my mom called me a useless little B*tch and an Idiot and I did nothing wrong, I just feel like I should just stop trying cause I know my mom will never love me like a real mother she will always see a screw up and worthless little child, I have no one I can turn to for comfort I dont have friends I can talk to and my parents I cant turn to them. maybe if I was perfect and mute maybe then my parents would love me....
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    Post on Sat Jul 03 2010, 14:53 by BeyondBirthdaysDarkness

    Oh Kit-chan your parents dont hate you they just dont understand you is all. *hugs and gives pocky*

    Post on Sat Jul 03 2010, 14:57 by Toshii

    ^ indeed, and you are not useless at all, you are a very talented person and great person and no one would ever want you to change. *hugs tight* and don't forget you do have friends.

    besides, in this world, there is no such thing as perfection.

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    Post on Sat Jul 03 2010, 14:57 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease


    Post on Sun Jul 04 2010, 17:19 by SickSelfishSyQo

    As a matter of fact it seems like people like you even less when you're mute ^^

    Post on Sun Jul 04 2010, 23:16 by KarateKeyaQ

    Forget them then. Stop trying. Go and be joyous.

    OOOOH. *raises hand*
    You can always talk to your virtual friends.
    Such as moi.

    Post on Thu Jul 08 2010, 12:17 by Lunami

    Pay no mind to them. You'll only depress yourself more trying to earn their love. If they aren't showing you any, they're clearly not worth the effort.

    Take this moment to reflect on yourself, think about what you can do, and what your parents can't see that you're capable of. Grow stronger from this.

    Some people will love you, some won't. No need to worry over those who don't, it just causes more grief.

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