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    Jiraiya's Fanfic Corner

    Post by Q on Wed Oct 17 2007, 16:31

    Hey all! :jry: Jiraiya spent all afternoon looking in the women's hotsprings and he got the idea to open up his own Fanfic club. So all you writers out there can post your stuff for other users to see!

    Just keep a few things in mind. Keep it PG-13.
    We all enjoy a little ecchi every now and then, but we at WOTN do our
    best to stay out of trouble with the law.

    Also, to post your story, all you have to do is make a topic and have your fanfic on the
    first post. You can add a poll if you want to people can grade your

    And finally, this is not a chatroom, users are free to critique other's work, but try not to slide too far off topic.

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