I am happy! :3


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    I am happy! :3

    Post by Toshii

    okay okay, yeah today's my b-day, blah blah blah XD and i feel so happy! :3 like a really great happiness :D maybe because i've been down the last week and the couple days following my b-day ^^;;

    anyways! yesterday, my mom was off and she was suppose to work today but she took a sick day. :O anyways (again xP) yesterday, i played games with Vegito (my neighbor), some Mortal Kombat Armageddon on my wii~ which was fun :3 then my mom and dad took him and me to Golden Corral for lunch~ Full! lots of laughs and food :333 after that, we went to go get my cake from walmart and while we were there, she got me a sketch pad and new colored pencils!~ YAY!~ Happy Happy and after that! we went home and my bro popped in a few minutes afterwards wit my b-day gifts! :O two new wii games!~ Ace Student Dragon Quest Swords and Mini Ninja! :D I LOVE DRAGON QUEST~ =w= and the same guy who made DBZ made it! 8DDD and afterwards i chilled on WOTN and Q told me about Fairytale and so i started reading the manga XD SOOOO GOOOD~~ GO NATSU~~ AND GRAY AND ERZA~~

    and then today! as i said earlier my mom used a sick day and so we went to the movies to see Kinght and Day that just came out and afterwards went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Loved the icecream~ and came home :3 i also enjoyed a good nap while my parents were home searching earlier >.> but eh. had a good nap~

    so yeah ^^ and i'm offically a teenager now!
    Bwahaha Bwahaha Bwahaha Bwahaha Bwahaha

    Woot. ^_^
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    Post on Wed Jun 23 2010, 21:27 by KarateKeyaQ

    Your day was sweet.
    Cake=the best!
    Dragon Quest= The bestest!
    Getting gifts and going to the movies and hanging with your fam && good times= the bestestest! haha :D

    ^_^ Glad you had funn.

    Post on Wed Jun 23 2010, 21:34 by quater

    And a Manga Q picked out ^_^ Yay! I am glad I helped make your birthday better.

    Post on Wed Jun 23 2010, 21:40 by Toshii

    mhm! :3 thank you ^_^

    Post on Wed Jun 23 2010, 21:41 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease


    Post on Thu Jun 24 2010, 23:36 by Toshii


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