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    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    Everyone i knew was so excited for graduation~ people were anticipating everything.
    from the time we had to wait in line in our gym to sit in order for the ceremony.
    Lots of hugs and cheering b4 7pm came along.

    Then finally! it was time for the ceremony, walking out to the stadium & football field was just awesome~
    Seeing the crowd of probably a thousand ppl or more, everything looked so nice and just stunning
    All the seniors were cheering happily and of coarse plenty ppl asking about teh laker game score like every 10 minutes from someone.
    We had some good last minute laughs during the ceremony, a lot of the ppl i've known since 9th grade, middleskool and alot since elementary.
    i came rly close to sitting with one of my friends i've known since pre-k but she got the last seat for that row & i had to start a new row.
    Our Valedictorian's speech was pretty cool, haha him mentioning the celtics taking the trophy. Omg caused everyone in the crowd to boo majorly at him. it was deff hilarious
    Some girls were crying early into the ceremony but alot weren't.
    our saloudictorian, rooted for the lakers and admitted that she lost the valedictiorian spot but didn't care anymore. they had like a rival spot for valedictorian~
    Standing in line when my row was called up to go get our diploma, was omg so nervousing awesome~
    Just looking out into the huge crowd & my class
    So many ppl cheering it was a great feeling. i was extremely happy
    I thought i would cry at the ceremony but apparantly i didn't.
    I guess it was all the happyness and excitemnent i was feeling. probably if the skool played the epic graduation song i probably would
    our senior ensemble ppl sang some bomb last songs
    But it is sad knowing i won't see alot of ppl i saw again. I believe that part is starting to hit me now
    also a feeling of like what now? cuz like you've been going to skool for so long and now ur done.
    Before i left the skool, i stood in front of our car and just stared back at the skool that i've known to be my 2nd home for 6yrs.
    Just to take it all in, a final goodbye in a way to the skool.
    At the end of the ceremony alot of us didn't throw our hats, but we had these paper frm the ceremony that everyone threw up & we did the wave a few times.
    It was truly a night i'll never forget, with my class of 2010
    A total of 426 seniors graduated last night~
    The Party Never Ends in 2010~


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    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 12:58 by Toshii

    awww that was great you had awesome time crissy and congrats for graduatiing ^^ know ho you feel too (:


    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 15:26 by KarateKeyaQ

    Awwwwwww. Glad you had a good time :3
    You're out of highschool, haha. :D

    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 16:00 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    yea i actually feel kinda funny today thinking that i don't have it anymore

    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 16:01 by quater

    I'm really happy for you Cris. ^_^ That feeling of what now passes.

    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 17:57 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    haha thanks Qsters~

    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 18:20 by amaterasu

    Graduation is next week, Class of 2010 !!!!

    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 18:30 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16


    Post on Fri Jun 18 2010, 21:30 by UreshiiQ

    WOO congrats Crips! But I can't see the pictures at the bottom D:

    Post on Sat Jun 19 2010, 01:49 by PeinQAkatsuki

    Congratulations! :D This is so awesome for you! :D :D :D

    AND 426 SENIORS????? Gah... Well my school's all little so... yeah...

    Post on Sat Jun 19 2010, 02:11 by quater

    My graduation had over 800 seniors. Needless to say we were there a while.

    Post on Sat Jun 19 2010, 02:18 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    well 426 was by pretty big for us :P @ pein

    holy shiz thats alot Q, but remember the whole drop out rate here so of coarse it'd never be that huge.
    but it was pretty big for our skool

    Post on Sat Jun 26 2010, 00:52 by Mikel

    congratulations. ^^

    Post on Sun Jun 27 2010, 06:54 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Yays! :3

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