Do You Mean It? Chp. 6


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    Do You Mean It? Chp. 6

    Post by Ruri-chan on Tue Jun 08 2010, 15:55

    Over the next few months, the three of us Genin get close. Shoji is still constantly trying to get me to kiss him, and every other girl he sees, but it's not that prominent. He puts his training first and I'm glad of that.

    Gontei still doesn't talk, but he is more open about his facial expressions and body language. So much in fact that the two of us and Oricha can figure out what he would say just by looking at him. I'm still not the happiest kid in the world, but I'm not as gloomy.

    We have learned each others abilities and know how to work with each other. Shoji has an interesting ability. He uses his chakra as a weapon. He uses it to drain others of their chakra. He can also use it as a defense, making it a shield or barrier when he needs to. Plus, he can heal anyone who is inside his barrier. All of us agree that he should go for the job of medical ninja.

    Gontei took on his dad's specialty poison needles. Not only does he have perfect aim, but he has grown immune to every poison created. It's really amazing how he can be struck with his own weapon and come back stronger than he was in the beginning. Plus he is really strong. He can pick me and Shoji up at the same time and toss us the length of the whole training area.

    I, on the other hand, have close range abilities. My kekkai genkai is 'extraordinary' as Oricha put it. It is called 'Lightning Fist'. As the name implies, my hands harness the power of lightning; yes actual lightning, while I'm fighting. I can even control how much power goes into my opponent when I'm fighting. I can control whether I electrocute them to death or just injure them.

    The three of us work together rather well, and with the Chunin exams right around the corner, I'm ready to show the rest of the Genin that my team is a force to be reckoned with.

    Today, we are practicing our chakra control. We're at a small stream. Oricha is telling us what we are supposed to do.

    "Focus all of your chakra into your feet." She says in her small voice while standing on water. "Go ahead and try, you three."

    We nod, Shoji looks the most excited out of the three, but that is to be expected. He is always so easily amused, like being a ninja didn't include being able to walk on water.

    Gontei and I step onto the water, he is confident while I am a little less confident and a little more hesitant. Shoji is over confident and steps onto the water like he has done this many times before and has mastered it. He falls right through the water with a splash.

    I giggle to myself, he really needs to work on the over confidence thing. Gontei is steadily walking to the other side of the stream. He is always the first to master something. I walk across too, but it isn't without difficulty. I'm starting to wonder how I was the head of the class back in the academy days.

    Both of us reach the other side just as Shoji is getting the hang of it. He doesn't get things as fast as us, but once he gets the hang of it, he is really good at what he does.

    Oricha smiles then walks over to where we are all standing, "You guys are quick learners. I'm proud of you." She looks around then smiles, "Why don't we take the rest of the day off? We can go to the hot springs."
    Shoji is ecstatic, "Yes! Come on guys let's go!" He pumps his fist in the air then starts running across the water towards the hot springs.

    I giggle again, "He is so immature."

    Gontei nods then walks beside me and Oricha to the hot springs. My cousin will enjoy this, but he's not about to jump out of his skin.
    When we get to the hot spring, Oricha and I head to the girl's side while Gontei and Shoji go to the boy's side. My Sensei and I plop down into the warm water. It is relaxing to be here. No loud noises, just steaming hot water.

    I hear some girl yelling, "Get out of here you pervert!"

    I sit up then look to Oricha, "Who do you think it is?"

    Either the water is so hot that its making her face red, or she is blushing. "I-I don't know. We should go check to see if every thing is alright, though."

    I nod as we climb out and cover ourselves with towels. We walk towards where the commotion is sounding. There is an old looking man with long white hair. He's grinning like an idiot while blushing. He's been peeking at us.

    "Hey, pervert!" I yell at him.

    He looks our way, only to blush more at the sight of Oricha clothed only in a towel. He starts chuckling and it's really creepy.

    Oricha is looking down at her feet, blushing heavily. She slowly walks over to where the man is. "Jiraiya-Senpai, it's impolite to peek at women." She says this in a very small voice.

    For a second I don't know what she is going to do. Then she promptly punches him so hard in the nose that I'm sure it's broken now. He flies out of the hot spring area and out of sight.

    I start laughing, "Nice arm, Oricha Sensei."

    She is still blushing, but she starts laughing along with me. Gontei and Shoji appear beside us. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that Shoji is hiding a nose bleed with his hand.

    "What happened?" He asks.

    I look over at him, fully aware that all of us are only wearing a towel. "Some old guy was being a pervert and peeking at us!"

    "His name is Jiraiya," Oricha explains. "He is one of the legendary Sanin."
    My heart jerks, the last time I heard those words . . . I shake my head of the thought.

    "Well, we're going home now." I say quietly.

    The boys nod in agreement. We all get clothed again. I look down at my outfit. I'm wearing a light blue button down shirt with black shorts that barely reach the middle of my thighs. I have black bands that cover my knees and elbows. My sandals are blue as well. My dark hair is let down, it has grown to my mid-back since I started the academy.

    I start walking home with Gontei. His outfit interests me. He is wearing fishnet under a dark green button down shirt. His shorts hang just past his knees. The collar to his shirt is so high, it comes to his ears. He is wearing black gloves as well. His sandals are black.

    I glance at Shoji. He is wearing a gray vest over a black short sleeve shirt. The vest is unbuttoned. His black shorts are longer than Gontei's, but short enough to be called shorts.

    I start back to our house, but decide to visit Sasuke. I inform Gontei and he nods his approval. When I get to Sasuke's house, I walk right in. He gave me a spare key when he got it. I am his best friend after all.

    "Sasuke?" I call to him.

    He walks out of his room. His hair is wet, so he must have just gotten out of the shower or something. "Hey Pori-chan."

    I sit myself on his couch, "So, what have you been up to?"

    He comes to sit beside me. He briefs me on all the missions he has taken so far. I'm interested the most about the one where they had to fight the rouge ninja from the Mist. His name was Zabuza and he had an accomplice named Haku.

    He tells me about how Sakura Haruno is completely in love with him and how annoying she and Naruto Uzamaki are. He wishes I and Gontei were put on his team instead of those two. I agree with him. It would have been nice to be a team with Sasuke and Gontei.

    I stroke the hidden curse mark on my neck absentmindedly. Sasuke eyes me as I do this, but doesn't say anything about it.

    I tell him about all the D-ranked missions we had to do before we got a real mission. We were to travel to the Land of Tea and defend their Lord from danger. It was fun. I enjoyed the rush of being on an actual mission. I killed someone for the first time. I killed five people to be exact. I don't want to say I enjoyed it, but I wasn't fully repulsed either.

    "I can't believe how close the Chunin exams are. . ." I mumble to myself.

    Sasuke nods in agreement, "I know. They start tomorrow."

    I smirk, "Don't get mad if I beat you up, alright?"

    He rolls his eyes, "Yeah right, you wish."

    I stick my tongue out at him and he says, "You seem happier than normal."

    I shrug, "Well, maybe I am, but it doesn't change the fact that I still feel dead inside." I look at him like my comment wasn't completely depressing.

    Sasuke smirks like he does when he knows something and doesn't want to tell me. That look always annoys me to no end. "Well, I think the Chunin exams will change that."

    I look at him confused. If the Chunin exams were going to influence me at all, wouldn't it be a negative affect? I didn't get it. We keep talking like this until I get tired. His hair is dried so I suppose we have been talking for a while. I tell him I'm heading home, and then grab a bagel before heading out the door.

    I nibble on the bagel in my hand while I walk home. What was he talking about? 'The Chunin exams will change that?' Sasuke is a mysterious one, not even I can deny that.

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    Re: Do You Mean It? Chp. 6

    Post by Banouin on Tue Jun 08 2010, 17:45

    Hmm, It's alright. ^_^

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    Re: Do You Mean It? Chp. 6

    Post by UreshiiQ on Wed Jun 09 2010, 16:14

    I like it ^_^

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    Re: Do You Mean It? Chp. 6

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