Baby Dolls~ Inspired :3


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    Baby Dolls~ Inspired :3

    Post by UreshiiQ

    SO YEAH.

    Okay. Well I'm blogging today because I have some news(duh).

    First off~ after my bout with sadness at not going running and what not, started thinking. Yoyo does those little comics~ I want to do little comics, to! :D I dunno what about yet, but ya know, something cool. I really want to do a small project with drawing, because I'm getting better, but I still need A LOT of improvement. The more situations I draw the better I get, right? ;D

    Um, I saw a cool idea on this other site that I now frequent, SA. It was a club called F.U.N. The False United Nations club. You made up you're own nation and pretty much roleplayed with it. It was like a made up version of Hetalia, you could say. It was inspired by one of the (presumable) girl's teachers, who had them do the same thing and hold a mock U.N. debate. Maybe if you guys want to make up some countries I could make a comic about that? I already have one made up....

    So if you guys wanna do that, I guess PM me or something? .__.;; Lol, yeah. Or comment here. A LOT easier. But yeah, it does seem pretty fun to do. Especially like an alternate Earth in a different solar system! I dunno, I'll work out details later, if I pursue it. :3

    Also, I think I had a project like that after we read Tuck Everlasting. We got to build our city, or place. It was actually pretty funny at times, and overall fun to do. Like David and JR. did a city that only they lived in, and it was in the sky. XD And Marilyn and Taylor did this cool planet on...I can't remember but it was awesome though. ;)

    Okay, enough about alternate Earths, and different planets. I was just thinking, because I'm so into online shopping now, I looked up Korean dolls, and they're beautiful! I want one so bad! And they're kinda cheap!

    I just talked to my mom about getting me one for my b-day, and she said I should ask my bro who's in S. Korea. I really hope he'll get me one. c: But yeah, I'll show you some pictures now.


    Traditional Korean Fan Dance Performer C:


    Court Lady Doll

    Aren't they pretty? C:


    On another note~

    I'm completely in love with Estonia, from Hetalia right now. I was reading something about Himaruya(Creator of Hetalia) today, and it said he based Estonia on his looks, which makes me love him even more, da? I mean I already loved him before for being so brilliant and coming up with this series, but this technically makes me love him, right? XD

    Ugh! Feet and legs hate me, but feet in profile I can actually put shows on! >:D

    Well, that's pretty much all I can say. again if you're interested...;D Okay, that was dumb~ But yeah talk to me then~

    BTW Zerg, if you read this I'm sorry
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    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 12:44 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Those dolls look freaky.

    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 12:51 by Toshii

    oooh, i wanna make up nations :D

    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 14:05 by UreshiiQ

    How do they look freaky, Clair? O_o
    Yay Tosh~ :D

    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 14:11 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    They just do~

    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 14:17 by UreshiiQ

    O__o Do you have a phobia of dolls or something like that? Cuz if so then I would understand. Like my phobia of clowns.

    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 14:23 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Nope. Just freaky.

    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 14:26 by UreshiiQ


    Post on Tue Jun 08 2010, 14:26 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    To fly

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