Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will. Chapter 3


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    Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will. Chapter 3

    Post by Zergio on Sat Jun 05 2010, 14:55

    Chapter 3: The Ace of Hearts, The King of Spades, and the Joker of Clubs.

    "Poke, poke" Will was asleep, dreaming of a annoying kid who kept poking him with a stick. Will just wanted to smack him, but decided the kid would get bored and leave. No such luck. The kid only kept on poking him harder and harder. Eventually, Will lost it, grabbed the stick, smacked the kid on the head with it, making it break. The kid got mad, pulled out a knife, and stabbed Will's leg. Will woke up right then and there, yelling as loud as he could due to the pain. He looked down and saw a knife being pulled out of his leg, and someone inserting some kind of liquid into the wound.


    "Hmmmmmmm" Said a cloaked person, looking at a poster on the wall. It read:
    "Wanted: William Hawthorne
    Is 4'3 tall
    Has short blue hair
    Can manipulate water
    wanted ALIVE
    Reward: Will be decided on return of boy"
    "Why are they after this boy? The last name seems familiar............. Mako?" The person ripped the flier from the wall and ran out of the pub.


    "WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?" Will yelled as loudly as he could.
    "Shush! This medicine only works if applied to the blood stream! now hold still already!"
    Will obeyed, in no position to attack back. The pain then disappeared, and he felt his energy quickly return. "What is that stuff?"
    "Its a rare herb that has extraordinary healing powers. I was gonna have it for tea, but you seemed to need it more then me. Be happy I decided to use it on you instead of leaving you to heal on your own while I drank tea. I was looking forward to it too........"
    Will bolted up and looked around to find himself within a house. He was in a bed with soft sheets and a warm blanket, and a new set of clothing. He looked at who was helping him. It was a girl with long grey hair. After sitting there for about 5 seconds, he freaked out. "D-DID YOU CH-"
    She smiled and laughed, interrupting him. "course not~ My dad did that. I just put in the medicine. Sorry about cutting your leg. Only way to put in the medicine."
    Will took a good look at his savior. She looked like she was around his age, probably younger though. Her hair was very long, reaching lengths below her waist. She wore a long, red skirt with a flower design around her waist that just barely showed her ankles. Her shirt was short sleeve and white. Her eyes were a green color, and he actually couldn't tell if her hair was grey or silver. "What happened to me?"
    She smiled once more. "Give me a sec~"


    "Hey, Jade!"
    "What is it now man?"
    The man pulled out the poster and showed it to jade. "look at this"
    "Hawthorne!? Is this child the son of Mako!?" Jade replied, overcome wih shock.
    "I dunno yet Jade. Its more then possible"
    Jade walked up and swiped the poster out of his hands. "But the experiment!" She examined the poster closely. "Oh no........."
    The man walked up to Jade. "What is it?"
    "Remember the experiment that was performed on Mako ever so long ago?"
    "Yeah, it was a complete failure"
    "Well, read this!" Jade shoved a book at him.
    "Is this a log book?"
    "More like a diary, but yes. This book tells what the scientists were really after."
    The man gave Jade a serious look. "What do you mean by that?"
    Jade gave a serious look back and said "They never planned to make Mako stronger. They planned something else"


    "So, you think you have the ability to serve us, Mr........"
    "Call me shade" The bounty hunter replied.
    "Fine then, Shade. Your originality needs work, but if you manage to bring the boy back, you will be rewarded"
    Shade looked right up at the emperor. "How do I know you'll keep your promise?"
    "Heh, I always keep my promises. Even ask my lieutenant" The emperor snapped his fingers, calling forth the lieutenant. "I promised him that if he failed, he'd become a slave just like the rest of my men. And here he is now, just like his soldiers"
    "That doesn't convince me your highness"
    "Fine, be all picky of you want, Shade." He tossed a small sack towards Shade. "Heres part of the reward. If I find you run off with that, I'll have you executed and have your corpse impaled, put up to display in the front of my base for all to see what happens when they betray me"
    Shade grinned, catching the sack and opening it to find $50,000. "I'll get the boy back"


    "And then I found you on the beach. I couldn't just leave you there, so I got my parents to help you back to my place."
    "Thank you, but you didn't have to tell me every single detail." Will stuck his finger in his ear and picked out some ear wax. "Say, I never caught your name"
    "Thats because I didn't throw it~"
    "Haha, very funny"
    She giggled at him. "My name is Juliana, though people just call me Julie. How about you?"
    Will didn't know why, but he felt that giving out his real name would be a huge mistake. He had to make one up on the spot, something that had nothing to do with the name Will. He finally decided. "My name is Zergio"
    Julie gave him a weird look. "Thats a weird name there, but its nice to meet you Zergio!"
    Will still had one last thing to confirm. "Why did you save me?"
    Julia rolled her eyes. "Because you needed help! Plus, there was something about you I liked~"

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will. Chapter 3

    Post by Toshii on Sat Jun 05 2010, 15:00

    nice~ :D

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will. Chapter 3

    Post by Banouin on Sat Jun 05 2010, 16:20

    All the newer stories make Q/Me/Dr rap look bad for taking so long ^_^

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will. Chapter 3

    Post by quater on Wed Jun 16 2010, 19:03

    Haha, they...do.

    Anyway read this. Sorry it took me a while to get to your story. Zergio. Mystery.

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will. Chapter 3

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