Has a Happy!


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    Has a Happy!

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki

    I has a happy! A few actually.

    *I got a wii last night... whoo got Animal Crossing: City Folk with it, and I'm planning on getting DDR if I can find it too :D :D I'm sooo happy.

    *There's a local festival going on, and me and KashiHat are going tomorrow! :D Then she's staying over and I'm gonna beat her at Wii baseball! I got 12 home runs earlier! *It's making me laugh that this is like a huge accomplisment of mine!* xD xD!

    *I've started Oriental-style watercolors in art... whoo it's fun! :D Kind of hard though because it's different than we've been taught to paint... but it's so beautiful, I'm like, SUPERMOTIVATED to learn how to. :D :D :D

    *We got to play tennis today! :D It was nice out too X3 Not too hot, not too cold, and I even had my sunglasses so the sun didn't blind me! :D :D My shoes hurt my feet though, but it was still so fun :D Even though I epically missed almost everything! xD xD

    I've just been having a good life lately :D :D I'm so happy ^w^ But I'm also exhausted from waking up so early and going to bed so late... But that's okay! It's all worth it.

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    Post on Sat Apr 24 2010, 11:00 by Dancing Mist

    hehe xD
    I love painting with watercolor and it is hard to do if you've never done it before.
    Wii is awsome I dont have one but ive played it.
    Tenis is fun to play you should try useing you shoe has a racket xD its really enjoyable.
    Im glad to see that your having a happy life, Pein

    Post on Sat Apr 24 2010, 11:12 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Yay for happiness :3

    Post on Sat Apr 24 2010, 11:25 by neon kun


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