Teachers Unions


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    Teachers Unions

    Post by quater

    So! I hate Teacher's..............................................................Unions. I am only mildly against Teachers. A few of my teachers were really good. Most were average, with quite a few flunks in the group. The ones I remember that did the most for me were the ones that made me work the most, too! Huh.

    So I don't see why teacher's unions exist. Unions came into existence to: Protect the little people from the evils of business world.


    Businesses aren't schools. That's all federal government. So why do teachers need a union to protect them from the Evils of the Government? Okay, maybe that's obvious. We all need protecting from the government. But why a UNION?

    That out out of the way.

    Recently teacher's unions have been protesting left and right. Why? Because now states are having to cut back on their budgets. That means that the worthless teachers in education systems are in danger.

    That's right, this is your average protestor. Not interested in getting rid of the worthless teachers, of which there are many. Instead, it's about giving up the bucks. "Save our Children"

    How about saving our children from child harassers?


    As a matter of fact, no.

    To give you an excerpt: The commission concluded that Kim had improperly touched three female students, but decided against firing him and mainly criticized the school district for not giving Kim better documentation of the allegations against him. The Times article brought attention to the case, which ended up in Superior Court, which ultimately upheld Kim's firing.

    So firing a man who touched girls inappropriately is....not good?

    He also collected 68,000 dollars a year doing NOTHING while they reviewed his file.

    Can you believe it?

    Well then you'll love this excerpt: The first article in the Times series, "Firing tenured teachers can be a costly and tortuous task," documented the case of teacher Carlos Polanco, who was accused by the school district of "immoral and unprofessional conduct" for making fun, in front of his class, of a student who had just returned after a suicide attempt.
    This is from the school board: "He stated to the student, 'Look you can't even kill yourself.' Mr. Polanco then engaged other students in the discussion of the suicidal student's attempted suicide, which prompted another student to engage in a detailed explanation of how to hit a main artery."

    Amazing. I am worldless. "Save our Children" "Give us the bucks"

    Teacher's unions are the worst. They are keeping child molesters in school. And as the article mentioned, these are just the molesters! This doesn't even take into effect the people who are bad teachers. They never go.

    Recently there was going to be a law passed in Florida that allowed teachers to be reviewed once a year based on the performances of their students. If their students did well, good. If not, they may be subject to salary changes and even getting fired. Imagine that. Fired based on how good of a teacher you are. Have you ever heard of such absurdities? I know no other job that would fire a person based on his job. Except......every other job on Earth.

    By the way, the Teachers Unions told their teachers to protest, fed them lies, and they knocked down the law. A big win for learning everywhere.

    It's been quoted before that the heads of the unions are not interested in teaching, they are interested in jobs. They are slowly killing the education system in America. And they're A-Okay with it.

    Not to mention in New York they literally have hundreds of teachers who are being paid. To do nothing! They are either in trouble, or they don't have classes. So they go to a room, sit there for a few hours. And leave. Paid for a job well done! They're called Rubber Rooms. Amazing. No other job on Earth would allow this.

    Did you know that teaching is where the people with the lowest SAT scores go? Did you know there is article after article of teachers who can't spell when sending home graded assignments? Did you know that teachers get the same salary as a 9-5 job, working only from 9 - 3. And they get off every holiday, and 3 months for the summer? And they say they don't get paid enough?

    Can you believe it? You shouldn't be able to. You really shouldn't. But sadly, it's very believable.

    And we wonder why America is falling behind.
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    Post on Fri Apr 30 2010, 15:13 by Mikel

    woah. i'm surprised to know that.

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