New Glacier-nins' Guide


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    New Glacier-nins' Guide

    Post by Mikel on Sat Apr 10 2010, 13:25

    So for the new Glacier-nins, welcome. These are just some tips you can follow to get you going along.
    You don't have to do them at this order.

    Congratulations, you're now an Academy Student. But I bet you don't want to stay like that.
    So what you can do to become a Genin?

    -Be a Genin. Post. You only need 250 posts to become one. Easy enough, yeah?
    (But of course, posting goes all the way. So just post and post as much as you want.) \
    Reward: 5 stats each category, 300 ryo.

    -Fix your profile. You can change your avatar. Add a signature. Fill up your info and lots more. Try to explore all parts of the profile. ^^
    You can do that by clicking on the Profile button at the navigation bar (below the banner).
    Reward: 3 stats, 100 ryo

    -Battle. You can train first and see how the roleplaying goes here. Once you get the hang of it, you can battle against other people. To do that, go to the Battle Arenas thread.
    Reward: 6 stats, 350 ryo

    -Do missions. There are lots. Some difficult, some very easy. It gives you stats and ryo (wotn currency) so why not? It helps your village too. You can find them in the Glacier Missions thread.
    Reward: 3 stats, 100 ryo (this is apart from the actual rewards you get for completing that mission)

    -Post a blog. You can rant. Tell about your life. Give opinions. Tell something good that happened to you. Blog about how awesome wotn is. Anime stuff. Your call, you can do it. Don't be shy.
    Reward: 3 stats, 100 ryo

    -Play a game. You can find numerous games in the Arcade thread. To show proofs that you've played, just give me a screenshot of a finished game or something.
    Reward: 3 stats, 100 ryo

    Now, aside from this helping you navigate your way in wotn, you'll be receiving stats and ryo.
    Consider this your checklist.
    Each item you've done, you get rewards. When you've done them, PM me.

    If you've finished the whole list, you'll get a reward too. So good luck and make sure to have fun. ^^
    For finishing the list, you get:
    10 stats, 1000 ryo

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