So....This is the Pretty much. Ever.


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    So....This is the Pretty much. Ever.

    Post by quater

    Anyway, almost 3 years ago Punkfilter created Way Of The Ninja. He did it as a fun idea he and I shared. Say what you will about his administrating skills, Way Of The Ninja would eventually become the funnest website on the internet in my honest opinion. And my online home.

    And now, it is with great sadness I tell you, that the adventure is over. At least for the Forumotion leg of it. Forumotion has emailed Punkfilter, who Pmed me. Apparently, Forumotion is cracking down hard. A bunch of corporations are saying that Forumotion is stealing or something, which is totally untrue. In response, Forumotion is clicking off all of itís Manga and Anime sites, as well as a lot of other Media sites. It posted a thread on it, and apparently Emailed Site Admins on the Forumotion Support board that any Anime site is gone.

    And we, being the biggest Naruto site (or at least one of) on Forumotion, are definitely goners. I donít really know what to say. I used to think weíd end this by being hacked, or maybe weíd get some admin to go crazy. But, I suppose if you gotta go one way or another, this is better than dying quietly.

    This doesnít mean this is the end. We could try making a new Naruto site on a new Site Forum Board.

    But, I, Q, will not run it. I put 3 years, long years, full of time and energy into this WOTN we have today. I just donít have that kind of energy, love, to do it all over again. I will join and post if we make a new site, but consider this the end of Qís version of any kind of WOTN. Itís too much.

    We survived and did so much. I canít even begin to describe how much WOTN has done. So, I will just say itís been a fun ride. And getting Copyright whacked, at least, is better than dying pathetically in a lack of posts.

    By the way, everything I just said was a lie. April Fools day. (Kage style)
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    Post on Sat Apr 17 2010, 01:05 by MissQoolKat

    OMG 15 days later & i still believed it ! D: >|

    Post on Sat Apr 17 2010, 11:42 by Yoyo

    Hahahaha. ^_^

    Post on Sun Apr 18 2010, 07:27 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Aww xD

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