Ishi Jutsu/Summon/Weapon


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    Ishi Jutsu/Summon/Weapon

    Post by Banouin on Fri Mar 26 2010, 01:59

    Each rank will be given use to Ishi only Jutsu.

    Every rank you move up will allow you do the next set of Jutsu

    Clan members are unable to use the Jutsu.

    Advanced Clan Member -

    Elite Clan Member -

    Specialized Clan Member -

    Ishi Summon grows in power with each rank.

    Clan members are unable to summon.

    Advanced Clan Member - Hp: 50.
    Attack: 1/2 of the overall taijutsu attack of the ninja.
    Heals 10 HP per move.

    Elite Clan Member - Hp: 70
    Attack: 1/2 of the overall taijutsu of the ninja.
    Heals 14 HP per move

    Specialized Clan Member -Hp: 90
    Attack: 1/2 of the overall taijutsu of the ninja.
    Heals 18 HP per move.

    Example: The ninja attacks 3 times and it comes out to be 200. Then the summon will hit for 100.

    When the healing stone is summoned, it covers the ninja in a globe and gives its health to the ninja slowly. The ninja cannot attack or be attacked while in the globe. As each turn goes by the summon will sacrifice some of its own health and give it to the ninja. When its health is gone, the summon will die and ninja is able to fight again.

    However, an enemy ninja may attack the summon and kill it, allowing no health to be given to the ninja who did the summon. The summon may not attack unless it is in defense of its ninja. At the point it is attacked it will counter and hit the attacking ninja for 1/2 of the defending ninjas attack. The attacking ninja is unable to get away from this attack. It falls unto them to be the judge if the attack is worth it.

    The summon will last 5 moves if not attacked and killed.

    Weapon -

    The Ishi Genkotsu -

    The fist like weapon that chained to the right arm of the Ninja, they other arm is placed in armor. The idea behind the Ishi Genkotsu was that the ninja will block with there left arm and counter with there right. If the ninja has no more evades. This weapon can not be used.

    The Ishi when eveadeing/blocking. Will come back with a counter. This attack may be blocked. If the attack lands a bleed effect will happen. Over time the attack will do 1/4 of the defending ninjas attack. The higher in rank, the faster the Dmg will be done.

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