Ishi Missions.


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    Ishi Missions.

    Post by Banouin on Fri Mar 26 2010, 01:51

    Ishi missions will be given by the Clan leader.

    Assassinations are the same as they've always been. The only differences are that clans now run them, anyone can request for another person to be assassinated, and those involved get the victim's ryo and a weapon.
    Assassinations will be carried out as missions and requests.
    Any person (either in the clan or not) requesting an assassination gets a fourth of the assassinated person’s ryo and their best weapon/summon. (The one requesting the assassination must PM the Clan Leader of their village and request the assassination.)
    The assassinator and the clan itself will be paid a large amount thanks to their work in part. (Paid by the one who makes the request; prices will be negotiated between the Clan Leader and the one requesting the assassination.)
    A failed assassination does not hurt a clan.
    All information may also be kept secret to some degree (Although that is somewhat limited if they see them using their weapon later).

    A kidnapping occurs through battle in the village war area of the one being kidnapped: the kidnapper must defeat the one being kidnapped in order for it to be successful.
    You will get the majority of the ryo given to you in ransom. (The clan gets a portion.)
    Those kidnapped cannot buy weapons, battle (for their clans or in war), or see their clan until they are ransomed out of their captors hands.
    A failed kidnapping will not affect the clan; however, the ninja who failed will be able to be challenged and kidnapped themselves.

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