Clan History


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    Clan History

    Post by Banouin on Thu Mar 25 2010, 19:08

    The Ishi Clan was formed in secret by the Yamakage when the Hidden Mountain Village was only days old. They met in the mountain caves outside the village; it was here that the few handpicked ninja took a pledge of brotherhood: that they will live and die for their Village, for their clan, and for their Kage.

    It was in these very same caves that the Ishi Clan pushed themselves to train until they became as hard as the stone around them and mastered the deadly earth jutsu. Without fear, the Ishi Clan was able to conquer one of the many dragons that roamed the mountains. It later became the guard to the Ishi caves so that none but the members may enter.

    This dragon became the symbol of the Ishi Clan. Each rank would mark themselves with an ink tattoo of a dragon.

    It was not until the war with Mist that the Ishi were brought to light to all around. With their jutsu and summons never before seen by many, they pushed their way deep into Mist leading the Mountain ninja to a bloody victory. However, the Ishi clan lost much in the war. Their ranks were destroyed.

    In the aftermath that followed, many ninja knowing of the clan and seeing how their brothers and sisters fought, wished to carry on the Ishi clan. Starting over, the Yamakage handpicked three ninja from his ranks to rebuild and learn the Ishi ways. Under him, they will grow and learn until a new, strong leader emerges from the stone.

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