Amaterasu's top ten Animes


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    Amaterasu's top ten Animes

    Post by amaterasu

    here is my list of the top ten animes that I've seen

    Starting off at number 10 is Afro Samurai

    Coming in at Number 9 is Fruits Basket

    Surprising high on the list considering this site is Naruto

    Number 7 is a relatively new anime, but its better than naruto I think (different style though), its Durarara

    Number 6 is a funny one I thought, its Azumanga Daioh

    have way, at number 5 is Code geass (thanks to Q for telling me about this one)

    Fourth place is well known as well, its bleach

    Third place is Dragon Ball Kai (remake in japanese, sticking to story)

    Claiming silver is Utawarerumono,

    First place should be no surprise, its One Piece


    COming soon, top ten manga list, totall different from this one probably
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    Post on Sun Mar 07 2010, 20:57 by amaterasu

    Because I will not edit this post again (the videos will disappear and I will have to re embed them ALL

    I have a correction for number ten it should be this video here


    Post on Sun Mar 07 2010, 21:47 by quater

    Go OP ^^

    I love how people talk about how weird it is to not have their favorite anime being Naruto, considering it's a Naruto site.

    Yeah, Naruto is nooothing like it used to be. ^^

    Post on Mon Mar 08 2010, 20:50 by sabaku no ketsueki

    Code Geass FTW.
    Utawarerumono was good too.
    Fruits Basket, haha. It's a cute anime~ I wish they'd gone on with it.

    Post on Mon Mar 08 2010, 21:06 by amaterasu

    dang I just realized that durarara's op is mirrored

    Post on Mon Mar 08 2010, 21:32 by Toshii

    azumanag daioh! fruits basket! DBZ! :D

    Bleach FTW! x3

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