Ohhh I'm so happy! :D


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    Ohhh I'm so happy! :D

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki

    Today the freshmen and sophomores went on a field trip to the local (or maybe not so local) university to take a tour, go to the mall, and to a college basketball game. I must say I had an AMAZING time.

    The only thing I kind of regret is not getting big nerdy glasses when I was in Hot Topic, but that's beside the point. Oh, and also all the headbanging, because my neck really hurts right now.

    The tour of the campus was pretty cool... I might actually consider going there for college (my friend is gonna kick me), even though I'm not a large fan of Idaho. (Yes that is the way out of the way state in which I live.)

    We went to the mall, and me and my two friends spent 45 minutes in there (we only had an hour), and I got an AMAZING AFI shirt, plus 30 Seconds to Mars's new CD (well.... it was new back in December, but you get the idea.) I didn't have a lot of money, but I can go BROKE in that store. Seriously. I love most of the stuff there.

    The basketball game. Was. Amazing. I had so much fun! We were seriously louder than the cheerleaders. My throat is raw from yelling. So much fun. I was filmed and I got to be on TV :D I was so happy! We were all dancing and yelling and having a blast. xD So much fun. But now my throat is raw from screaming. The other schools on the trip thought we were nuts, I'm sure xD but we were having fun. Life is too short to act cool... be the dork that you are and live life to the fullest! (Yes I did read that on an icon, but it's fitting.)

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    AWWW lolcat

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    ^_^ cool~

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    hooray for peiny! :3

    XD haha the cat.

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