Historie and um Biomeat-nectar


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    Historie and um Biomeat-nectar

    Post by amaterasu

    Yup, two other mangas (can I ever stop? Who Knows!)

    Historie is about this guy

    Eumenes, one of the right hand men of Alexander the Great. It is amanga of his life.

    I found it a long time ago when it had 8 chapters and now it has 30 (doesn't update weekly)

    But incredible plot and also strategy

    Check it out

    The other Biomeat-nectar

    It is basically three stories about these people

    against these things called Biomeat

    shown below

    They eat anything and everything except glass and metal.
    Everything includes humans.

    Implications indeed, they were biochemically made to eat the garbage we produced, and in turned they multiplied a-sexually (by themselves) and were killed for a great meat source, the stories are about what happens when humans cannot control their own creation, the series is done with about 160 chapters, although don't quote me on that.

    I know I put a lot of these up and it might be overwhelming , but just jot down a list of mangas to read or something, if I could read these, you guys will be able to as well

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