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    Happy mood!

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki

    I don't know! I'm just feeling awesome today! I think it's because it was warm enough to take my black hoodie off and get some vitamin D you know? I swear that stuff is amazing. LONG LIVE THE SUN! Ace Student Tomorrow I'm going to -attempt- to wear shorts or something because... man I'm pale o-o; I'm so pale, it's kind of embarrassing.

    Anyway, today we had school off, but because my friends in the city in which I live had school, so therefore no one to text (they're all such goody-goodies, no one texts during class Emo Corner hahaha though I shouldn't talk because I don't either :P), and no one to hang out with, I went with my moms to the school and helped out around there~ I got 30 bucks for it! I realized that I can do little stuff like organize computers and stuff, and actually be happy doing it! I hate yardwork though. And housework. Ugh. Call me a techno-geek, but anything to do with computers (and art, music, travel, and learning too) I can do and get PAID for, woah snap I'm happy as a clam!

    And in the morning... Mickey D's for breakfast! With an amazing Hazelnut Iced Coffee... I love those things! Happy I had another one when we stopped by after we got back into town coz my pops got home today from his job that's out of town.

    And on Myspace, one of my guy friends posted on his status "why do girls cuss?" And I felt really proud because I don't like to cuss in public Happy I've made a new resolution (it's never too late for those) to stop cursing so much! And I'm doing good so far!

    Andandand! I got a The Devil Wears Prada rereleased CD for 6 bucks! Yeah! Last night, at the local book store! Like, two discs, one CD and one DVD. So that made me happy. Only now I'm having problems deciding on what I'm going to spend 30 bucks on. Maybe that MCR hoodie I want...

    Only bad thing is that I've had a pretty nasty headache for a couple of days. Sobbing I don't know why either... though I don't think the screamo is helping much o-o; I might take a break from it and listen to... uh... acoustic? I don't know, I'll figure it out though.

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    That was me earlier on MySpace when I had like, four things open (iTunes, Myspace, I Can Has Cheezburger, Facebook...)
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    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 06:07 by Mikel

    haha, nice. ^^ a lot seems to be having a good time which is good, of course.

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 15:22 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    wow sounds like a good day~

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 15:43 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    lolcats <3

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 17:00 by Toshii

    yay for pein!! :D *glomps*

    i know how you feel cat in the picture! Dx

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 23:10 by PeinQAkatsuki

    -falls- :D :D :D

    Clair: I love LOLcats X333

    Cris: I had an amazing day! I was just happy all day long! I'm pretty happy today too~

    Mikel: That too of course~

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 23:14 by Toshii


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