Q's having a good day~


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    Q's having a good day~

    Post by quater

    First blog in a while (#1 Blogger of WOTN award winner here...)

    So! Today has been a really perfectly blissful day, followed by a good week. Yoyo and I are best chums again, yay! We were off and on but we rode out the storm and now we're good gee.

    And then there was just other stuff that all added up to today. For starters, I got up around 11! Can I get a yay for sleeping anyone? Then I get up and woah and behold! No one home! Till about 2! Frick yes! I love having the house to myself. And I haven't had it to myself in a long butt time.

    So I relaxed, watched some anime, wrote some stuff, you know, had fun? Read! Things I like to do. ^_^ It was so pressureless. Also, my mom left me some McDonalds breafast by the bed. Seriously, does it get any better?

    Then 2 rolls around and DR gets home. Dad's still gone, so DR and I watched some Bernie Mac and Malcolm In the Middle. Love those two shows. Hal is hilarious, too. Just. Plain. Hilarious. Mom gets home, sees no dad, and takes my bro and I to our favorite fast food fried chicken joint. Frick yes! I love it.

    So we get home, and then mom and dad go off to Wal-Mart. Yes! More time to lone it out Happy Then my bro and I go get some Ice Cream. Yum! Cookies N Cream 2 scoops for the waffley cone win! Raaaah!

    Then to top it off, we get home, and mom and dad are still not home! Getting away with it without questions FTW! Then they come home with what? FOOD! So much of it! Oh man! The excitement is fantastic! Chicken pot pies, chicken, french fries, hashbrowns! For a house that hasn't had a stock of food since December, easily, it's great to be able to eat again! Man. I'm psyched!

    So then mom warms up a frozen pizza! Man, we never get those. And we have lemonade mix! No matter water! Hallelujah and Lord be praised.

    And, I convinced Abby to give up cursing for lent! I'm so happy Happy I knew I needed to and I was worried it'd cause a fight asking her to, but not at all. It was easy and great! She seemed to kinda like the idea, a teensy bit. Also, DA didn't take down my account like someone lied and said they would: http://iamnotqfromwotn.deviantart.com/ My account still has all of my avatars, or most of them! ^^ And tons of favorites.

    Watched an episode of Lost, then got megablocked. But that's cool. I used that time to chat in the bar, and I did! For 2 hours or so now. Going back there in a second. Then after I get through there I'mma finish another 2 episodes of Lost. Also worked on Abby's Valentine Fanfiction (It's slow, but that's cause it's really long).

    To describe today? About as near perfect as I can have. I loved it.

    Anyway, put this up cause GL said I needed to post a happy blog sometime :P
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    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 00:32 by Mikel

    nice. nothing beats having the house for yourself. =P

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 03:51 by PeinQAkatsuki

    I had a good day too! I'm thinking of blogging it o-o;

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