Des sad? Impossibility...believe it!

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    Des sad? Impossibility...believe it!

    Post by Destinykil

    Tell me how nad this is. Most of you know Des hits the gym everday for at least 4 hours. My best friend "13" is usually my gym partner but his gf goes with me when he is at work..i have a gf btw. ANyways we go and chill and workout

    now i go this morning ..when she messages me saying she cant go probably anymore ever...i ask her why and she finally tells me because my best friend "13" and his family thinks she has a "thing" for me. What the hell is this bull shlaka?! i dont even see her like that i just like to workout..made me pretty upset that they got jealous over me

    its ridiculous
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    Post on Thu Feb 18 2010, 17:12 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    "pretends to care"
    OH I KNOWWW :p

    Post on Fri Feb 19 2010, 09:36 by Lunami

    It's perfectly normal for mortals to act this way. It doesn't matter what you say, think, or do, they won't believe you, it's just how it is. As for 13, he needs to rethink some things. If he can't trust her enough to go to the gym with you, then he has some issues. These issues lie, most likely, in regards to the both of you. He can't trust her to stay loyal, and can't trust you to keep respect, and to stay loyal to your own.

    Besides, this could be just a spurt of jealousy and a touch of ego, talk to 13 about it. Clearly some things need worked out.

    Post on Fri Feb 19 2010, 10:46 by Destinykil

    we've been best friends for a while and i have a girlfriend. its just late but he is just being immature i know it.

    Post on Fri Feb 19 2010, 10:47 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    True, talk to him about it~

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 01:24 by Destinykil

    there really isnt tlkin to him about it, like i said its a dead end street, its his way or he doesnt fuckin care , but we never usually argue so we never clash heads

    Post on Sat Feb 20 2010, 09:27 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Okay, so leave it.

    No point creating drama.

    If shes bothered she should say something.

    Post on Sun Feb 21 2010, 09:16 by Destinykil

    shes tried....never works

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