twisted mind part 1


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    twisted mind part 1

    Post by BlackRain on Thu Feb 11 2010, 03:46

    Yusuke: I've had it with this damn place!! *teelekineticly crumbles his steel table into a ball of scrap*

    Silvia: Yusuke! calm down! i hate it when your like this

    Yusuke: i have no freedom i can't go outside for christ sake! *punches the wall*

    Silvia: im your give you all the freedom you want

    Yusuke: no your not my friend your my handler! you get paid for this!

    Silvia: but

    Yusuke: your not supposed to get attached Silvia

    Silvia: but...

    Yusuke: what do you see me as?

    Silvia: someone who needs to open their eyes and see the good in the world i will agree you have it rough here but don't i atleast make it a little easier?

    Yusuke: hahahahahaha well now that i look at it you could be a bitch

    Silvia: thanks i think lol

    Commander: *looks in through the door* he's getting unruly

    Vice-Captain: what should we do

    Commander: well lets see what silvia can do

    Silvia: Well its time for some shut eye

    Yusuke: yea i guess...hey...silvia

    Silvia: yes

    Yusuke: thanks...i guess

    Silvia: your well come *blush*

    silvia leavs and is stopped by the commander

    Commander: Silvia here at Blitzkrieg we want to raise an army to defend our homes if that means useing telepaths like him...

    Silvia: you mean Yusuke?

    Commander: no #342

    Silvia: no his name is Yusuke

    Commander: as long as he is here you WILL refer to him as #342 is that understood #672? i made a mistake calling you by your name i won't slip again

    Silvia: were human why reffer to us as numbers?

    Commander: don't question me

    Silvia: ...

    the commander walks away

    Vice-Captian: Silvia you would do well not to rebel against the commander he may not be a telepath but he is still a very large threat

    Silvia: i know but that man needs to learn that there is someone out there stronger than he is

    Vice-Captian: i hope so but im not too sure he has beaten 7 telepaths unarmed

    Silvia: so

    Vice-Captian: so!?! you work with him and he's a rookie and you see the power he is capable of... look at his table!?!

    Silvia: he needs a break

    Vice-Captian: *sigh* i'll see what i can do maybe 2 days off...tops i guess you can take him out to the court yard and eat meals together

    Silvia: thank you

    the vice-captain leaves

    Silvia: sleep well Yusuke im sorry that they hurt you...three more scars on your back...its a wonder you haven't killed anyone yet i'll be back tommarow

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