Fragment Zone


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    Fragment Zone

    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16 on Sat Feb 06 2010, 05:13

    My lost heart i feel it searching for some sort of answer
    Its taken quite a beating...what was the error?
    Consumed by raveled confided emotions
    I can't stand to figure out what really was the commotion
    Distance...that stained in my heart you know its true
    You make that decision based on what you feel and follow through
    It brings back many pains of the past
    I feel it rush over my heart seeping into my scars

    You feel its right for some reason of your call
    You know that I've loved you as I can't bring myself to consume this all
    Hit like a train my heart slowly sinks to the ocean's grainy sand
    To lay dormant scarred and you try to pick it up in your hand
    I'd do anything to see you happy
    is this why you feel we cannot be?
    I feel as though I've failed as your love
    for reason beyond your doubts I believe something in the future up above

    You won't see of cursed eyes
    I wouldn't take back how i feel of you...for you my heart was its own prize
    Calming and protective in your own condescending ways
    I fell hard for you..and you've changed me more than I could say
    You succumbed to be my world
    I cherished and still longing for you in this cold
    You cut me like a knife
    recognized my wrongs like being played out in my life
    Your voice was its own soul
    something i wish i could hold...but that power has been put on hold

    I see your pain...but at times I am a blind fool
    a stubborn girl confused and tough as you try to not loose your cool
    Your depressed eyes...scares me more than you know
    I just want to stab my heart..seeing that black crow
    I didn't want to leave you
    you were my weakness...and have me speechless
    The times I got to hear your voice
    crystal clear to my heart...sinking in my dreams blocking all the noise
    Telling me all your secrets..what angers you anything at all
    willing like a dog you were able to share not ever stalling
    I see the burned pages...written on another page of my heart
    Fringed and torn but never ripped apart

    Fragment zone oh how impossible you are to own
    I don't regret my actions or love towards this man
    reading me like a book he was truly kind deep down to the grains of sand
    Please don't forget me
    as long as I made you happy in any way I couldn't ask for anything less to be
    You could walk a million miles and I'd still be waiting
    the future holds its own where are you now?

    You were always on my mind all i do is count the days, where are you now?
    No matter far u are, no matter how long it takes him through distance & time I'll be waiting~Alicia Keys

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    Re: Fragment Zone

    Post by Toshii on Sat Feb 06 2010, 20:01

    awesome crissy! ^^

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