Pope to visit the UK in September


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    Pope to visit the UK in September

    Post by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Okay. So today I heard that the Pope was going to be visiting the UK this September, as he condemed a new drive that one of our politicians Harriet Harman wanted to put into place.

    This was an equality drive, that the Pope considered to be enforcing sinful behaviour.

    Now, I don't mind if he comes here or protests against whatever bill he'd like to, cause... he's the Pope, so he can.. but

    1) 20million ... just for his visit.. that WE have to pay for.
    Thats even if we don't like the Pope/Christianity.. [not saying I don't, just sayin']
    2) The amount of pilgrims/etc that will come to the UK to see the pope will obviously bring trade, but could do more damage than good.
    3) The fact that the threat he will be posed will up security ridiculous amounts.

    In my opinion, I don't think theres anything wrong with this bill. I, for the most part, agree with it.. but its really just gonna promote a lot of hate.. especially to the groups that the pope has attacked when he disagreed with it. Plus, I know that since its his religion and he must enforce this, and also to those who also follow the religion, but what about other people? Atheists, Agnostics, etc. Surely its unfair that religion is being brought into Politics like this, and even MORE unfair that they may have to pay some of the, supposed, 20million.

    Eh, at the end of the day, I really don't know THAT much about it, since I'm just going off what I've read without actually doing some reserarch but I just think 20million is sliiiiiiightly extreme, for what exactly?!

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    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 14:50 by quater

    I love the line one of the articlers used, "A visit in which he attacks equal rights and promotes discrimination."

    Ah, yes, absolutely. The pope's main job, afterall, is to go around promoting discrimination. XD

    Sure~ That's what it is.

    If he wants to go speak, let him speak. If atheists and agnostics don't like it, then they don't have to go listen. The reason for them having to pay for it may be annoying, but if the Church had to pay for it's visits it'd cease to exist, since the Church runs on donations and doesn't make money. It's sad that it costs so much to protect the Pope, but if people weren't crazy, and say, tackling old men and whatnot, and threatening the Pope daily by the thousands maybe he could cut some of the security? If Great Britain wasn't quickly growing an Islamic population that has threatened to beat Christians multiple times, maybe he'd feel just a smidge safer going there? But since these aren't the cases he has to do what he has to.

    It really is a mess. People say he 'promotes discrimination' so people threaten him. He has to up his security, and then people complain he costs too much. =/

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 15:39 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    He could easily pay for it himself... its not fair that we should be expected to pay so much for it.

    If he wants to go and speak, he should be the one paying to go and speak.

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 15:46 by quater

    Um, pay for it? The pope doesn't have a Salary...He gets benefits for being the pope, but he doesn't get paid, anything. Uh His needs are taken care of by the Church, again, apart of the donation system I talked about, and they give him some extras cause he's the Pope. That's it. No salary or anything, so how he'd wring up 20 million pounds is a bit questionable. The only way I could see him doing that would be by stealing it from the Church, but then he'd be using donations meant to help the poor and help the Church and using it for politics and the pope's pretty against that, as far as I hear.

    So, yeah. I'd like to see him pay for it by himself... Uh

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 15:56 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    He could sell like less than 10% of the pieces of art/gold/etc in the vatican and it'd probably get him well on his way.

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 16:04 by quater


    So to visit another country, which is the Vatican's Pope's job, and make speeches to believers, which is what most Catholic people like, he should have to sell historical works of art and gold that were created over centuries. Most of which for the purpose to spread the Gospel?

    Yep. Sounds absolutely fair to me.

    Did you know that the UK Government spent 33 million dollars trying to get more women to fish?

    Where's the outrage over that? You've never heard of it, because there's no religious connotations to it.

    Did you know the UK Government spent 6 BILLION dollars (American Dollars I think) trying to get an ITT tech idea passed, and it ended up failing completely and being a total waste of money.


    Naw, but when the Pope comes to visit and the Government pays for it, then it's all wrong, right?

    Personally paying for visits from the Pope and Dahlai Lama and people like that (foreign dignitaries, leaders from various countries worldwide), understood that they are respectable figures, especially when they have no salary is one of the few jobs that Government should spend money on. So everyone doesn't agree with the Pope? Boohoo.

    I guess I just think people are making a big thing out of one of the few jobs that the Government is actually supposed to do, all because they don't like him or agree with his religious beliefs. So they'd rather stifle his free speech or attack him.

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 17:04 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    I just think at this moment in time, we've got better things to spend our money on.

    Its an extreme amount of money for nothing.

    And we're already wasting a lot of it, doing pointless stuff =___=

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 17:09 by quater

    It's not nothing to have the Pope come to town. It may be to you, but to a lot of people it's a really important matter, though. You may have better things to spend your money on, but it is important to spend money on worldwide leaders when they want to visit. Especially if it's one of the leaders of one of your country's biggest faiths. To fly

    I mean, if he were coming to agree with the Equal Rights whatever bill (By the way, don't trust that because it's named Equal Rights that it's a good Bill. There's a bill in America called the "Fairness Doctrine" and it's about turning off Radio Talkshows and Newspapers that disagree with the Government. And another Bill called "Employee Free Choice Act" which would get rid of the secret ballot when voting for unions, making employees subject to harassment by unions, which is the opposite of free choice), would you still call it a waste?

    Honestly? I don't know, just asking. Or if it were an Islamic or Jewish leader, or the Dahlai Lama or something, would it still bug you to spend that money on them?

    Just asking, cause I think, even if you aren't upset over that reason, that most people are upset over it because they just don't like Catholicism. Like I said, where was the outrage when UK spent more than that on teaching women to fish properly?

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 21:21 by amaterasu

    I wouldn't be happy if I was in Clair's situation.

    I do not mean I support the Bill or whatever

    Its just that the Pope, in light of what I've read, and studied, isn't what a Christian should be, not to mention that the highest position within the church is Apostle, and the pope is nothing like that

    Post on Wed Feb 03 2010, 22:07 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Well, even if he was coming to say he liked the bill I'd still be annoyed.

    And yeah, any other religion I'd feel the same way.

    I just think its pointless.. give him a webcam and a microphone and then I'd be happy :D

    [Oh.. and obviously give us a screen and speakers to watch him too :P]

    Post on Thu Feb 04 2010, 05:08 by Mikel

    honestly, disease, i understand you'd be upset with it, but i agree with q.

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