happy thoughts


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    happy thoughts

    Post by Choushi

    this is just my little song for my nephews and nieces cuz they are the
    ones that totally remind me how it used to be to be young and
    innocent...and i love them for that....and they totally make my day
    when i see them...so this is to buggy and bud (not their real names...they're my nicknames for them) and my other countless
    nephews and nieces...i love u guys and i kno god will set u guys in the
    right direction in life...nd i cant wait to see all of u grow up Happy

    rainbow cars and heart shaped moons and i like lucky charms
    unicorns and red balloons and ur my lucky stars
    if i was to go without cha i just wouldnt get far
    cuz...ur my
    ....happy thoughts
    ur my
    smiley face you make me turn my frown...upside down
    and ur my
    sunshine when there is no light...to be found
    and you gotta know how much i love ya..its about
    this much and this high and this wide....ha
    and its unthinkable how u could love this kind of guy
    but you find it in your hearts....to give me a try
    and you gotta know how much i love ya..its about
    this much and this high and this wide....

    grow as i get older...nd i'm prolly gonna sing this to my children...
    whenever that happens...which is no time soon in the planned
    future...but i just love how it just flows with happy thoughts....i
    love my family so much...
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    Post on Tue Feb 09 2010, 01:46 by mrssabakunogaara

    That was very cute! Love

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