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    Post by C-me-ninja on Tue Jan 26 2010, 20:13

    I've worked on this for a while i only have the first and second chaptar done.



    In my life now

    Chapter 1- Goodbye mom, Goodbye dad.

    There I stood, watching the blade go forward and back. Those red rubies dripping everywhere. As they broke I finally saw his face.
    Thick red hair, deep, dark ocean-colored eyes. A crazed, maniac-like smile curved his lustful lips as he let the blade had its final swipe agianst my father's neck.
    "Come out, Come out wherever you are, little brat!" He said. "If you come out, you won't end up like mommy and daddy there. Come on. You know you want to, just come out. Give you mom and dad one last hug. What harm will it do?" He chanted.
    I was still hidden my mom had put me in the hollow opening of a wall where I would be safe. At least thats what she said. The man started to get enraged when I didn't come out so he took the knife and threw it at a wall. He stood there, panting like a dog, I thought it maybe safe to go out. Something in the pit of my gut told me to stay.
    I waited what felt like a life time. After which he got up and left without a word. My head now screamed with my gut not to move to go backwards to head away from this damned house and go to the woods. I tried to walk backwards slowly and kept going I turn around. There in the distance was a light. It lead outside, atleast thats what I hoped. I ran as fast as I possibly could...
    Hi... I am Elsa Pertagew; I am 8 years old and as you just saw, I am now an orphan.I have black hair and deep blue eyes. My father is, well, was a doctor and my mother was mysterious about her occupation. The one thing my mom had ever said was "My child is too mature and she doesn't need my help." I guess I'll never know what she meant by that. I'm oddly torn about that night, and although my parents are gone I know I'm alive and will continue on.I know I'm not the normal 8 year old but I'm perfectly happy with myself.
    As I ran deeper and deeper toward that little light, which looked like the dust in the light of the window in your room. I finally reached it, it put me outside it had just rain and the musk from the farm three doors down was so strong you could taste it. I walked around and figured out I wasn't near my house no more. I was in the woods and I was drenched. I saw a cave and I went to investigate it. I took a desent rock and threw it in. It clanked and nothing was in there. If there was it would have grunted or been surpised and made some sort of sound, indeed I did watch those survival shows on discovery. I went in the cave it was wet but not as. It was bearable. I sat down for a minute and then thought about what to do next.
    "UGH! Why me?! I did nothing wrong!!" I screamed to the roof of the cave. I suddendly heard a wolf howl. This wasn't a good sign.
    I looked to the mouth of the cave and a beautiful wolf pure white with crimson eyes stood looking at me. I was scared but I couldn't help but admire the perfectly clean and beautiful wolf. It slowly started to approch me. Suddendly the wind came and I shivered voilently. The wolf walked closer I could feel the heat being emitted from it like a fire. I tenced, I was scared. I had this majestic beautiful animal right infront of me and it may be the last thing I do see. I relaxed and started to remember the books on wolves I had read. All those times in the library were spent on wolves, they are the most misunderstood land animal in these parts. I slowly put my head low and acted submissive. The wolf growled at me when I did this and it used its mussle-filled leg to put me back sitting up striaght like I was. This wasn't an ordinary wolf it was too big. I started anyalizing it more. It was a very large female who has pups or had. She must be about a year or maybe two old. She was at her peek of health. She walked around and sniffed me. She suddendly snaped her head to look in my eyes. I didn't move and she stared at me then layed down half on me keeping me warm.
    "Bigg lady what are you doing were are your pups." I said gentally and lovingly. She twiched her ears back and looked depressed. Her pups were killed most likly.

    I sat there and told her what I just witnessed. If I wasn't sure of it I would say I was insane. I looked at her at her and said "Hey there big lady what is your real name?" She looked at me. I studied her face and she took her paw and started clawing at the ground. I looked at her"What are you doing?" I muttered. Slowly i see she had written "LYRANIA." I looked at her"Big lady is that your name?" She howled a ear pearcing howl and i knew then it was."Lyrania thats a beautiful name." I mutter. I sit there as she comes back and lays down. I cuddle her and sleep a hallow empty nightmare ridden sleep.
    I wake up Lyrania was gone. I stood up and began to walk agian. I head deeper in the forest I see Lyrania eating some poor animal and laugh when she turns around and the blood had made it look like she was smiling a wicked over lip stick ridden smile. She finished and followed me, I talked to her and I felt like she was talking back and helping me. I bumped into something and fell down. I went to look up but all i saw was a mess of white and brown dirt.
    "What is it that we have here?" I hear a man say. "A big bad wolf hiding a pup?" He apperently didn't get to see me before I was covered.
    I made my way to stand up and the man looked surpised to see a human instead of a wolf. "Hello. Who are you?" I said trying not to sound half as scared as I really am.
    "I am Lucis. But little brat!" He snapped, "Who may you be?"
    "Name's Elsa Pertagew, Thank you very much." I said as Lyrania stood up and went to my left.
    "Heh." Lucis said. Just than a woman walked in. She looked like an angel! She was beautiful, long blonde hair, a hourglass figure and she had deep blue eyes.
    "Lucis! How is it we greet a girl! Do I need to re-teach you manners!!!" She had a forceful tone, it scared me a little but just as it flashed on my face Lyrania pushed against me. "Sorry little one, I didn't mean to scare you and Lucis is naturally a jerk. How old are you?" She questioned
    "I'm eight years old, My names Elsa Pertagew." I said.
    "Where's your mom and dad?" She asked.
    "Dead. Murdered." I said.
    "Would you like to come with us?" She asked.
    "Can Lyrania come if she so chooses?" I asked.
    "Who? Do you mean that monster right there?" She said desgusted by the wolf whom sood at my side acctually almost taller than me.
    "Indeed I won't leave her alone. I believe she isn't a monster she is a wolf. And I have reason to believe she is in the reverse situation as me. Her pups were killed her teats are oversized and producing milk." I explained.
    "Master wouldn't like wolves around." Lucis said with a snotty tone.
    "This master doesn't like you than I assume?" I said returnnig his snotty tone with my cocky one.
    "Ms.Pertagew I believe you have no choice in the matter of comeing besides is it willing or is there going to be a need for force?" The woman said again.
    "Sorry but I don't even know your name and Lyraina's exclusion is unexeptable." I replied. Lryaina stood next to me.
    "You WILL come with me now." She screeched.
    "YOU are not my mother nor my father! YOU cannot tell me what I WILL do!" I schreeched right back.
    The next thing I heared was a growl and a roar.

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