twisted mind


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    twisted mind

    Post by BlackRain on Fri Jan 22 2010, 18:52

    Name: Yusuke Hikari
    Age: 15
    Hieght: 6'2
    Weight:200 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes:storm grey
    Personality:vengeful and cold
    Fighting style:mixed matial arts backed by astounding mental powers

    Powers and description
    Telepathy *speaking with your mind into another*
    Pyrokiniesis: *controling fire and creating it out of nowhere*
    Telekinisis: *moveing objects with your mind*
    Astroprojection: *ones consicous mind leavs the body immoble and explores the area and can faze though objects and is invisible*

    Aura vision: *alows you to see energy flow spiritual and electricity and can see people in the dark*

    Precognition: *future sight*

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