Updates 01/19/10: New Village?


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    Updates 01/19/10: New Village?

    Post by quater

    So if you've been paying attention, you'll notice that there's a new mysterious village on Way Of The Ninja. That's right, Way Of The Ninja is saying goodbye to the Migrant Village Hidden in the Sun. It's been with us for two years, and it's never failed to brighten our days. It always gave me warmth on a cold day. I know for sure that it was a delight and sunny feeling anytime I looked at the Village. It truly was a Sunny side up kind of Village (I'm going to stop these puns before everyone kills me ._.)

    But for lots of reasons, Sun Village has been overtaken. Really, it's gotten stronger and advanced itself. The days of the friendly Village of Sun, open to all ninja have ended. Now the age of the Warrior Village of Inferno has begun. It's burst forth into a powerful Supernova and you'd best not tamper with it.

    ClairvoyantDisease has lead the way in this new age for Sun Village. The Inferno Village's progress will be marked in her new Kage name, which is Kajikage. So we say a fond farewell to you, Sun Village. But as is common in the World of Ninja, Villages come. And they go.

    If you're astute you may of noticed that there are new symbols on the site. That's right:
    New posts are now symbolized by the Inferno Village symbol. Although similar to the old Sun symbol, it's definitely different.
    News will be symbolized by the Shadow Village Symbol.
    Glacier still stands as the Locked thread symbol, but it's a new and updated Symbol to the old triangles of Glacier.
    The Mountain Village symbol will recognize all important threads.
    Course the Storm Village Symbol still stands as it is.

    And these are the official WOTN Village symbols folks. They're what you see in your profile and what you'll recognize as your village symbols from now till forever, probably. We won't be changing them anymore.

    And these are the updates as of January 19th. However we may have some other big news (Yes, possibly as big as a new village) for you soon, so stay tuned. And remember, Chuunin Exam Friday. Be signed up.

    **Credits for the images and many of the pic updates go to Yoyo the Sand Vice-Kage
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    Post on Thu Feb 04 2010, 02:02 by Banouin

    King_Of_Blades wrote:Why turn into the Inferno village what was wrong with the Sun Village.

    You comment on stuff late bro ^_^;

    Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 18:16 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Cause Sun had issues, duuuuude~

    Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 18:30 by King_Of_Blades

    Well, sorry, I wasn't informed. XD

    Post on Tue Feb 09 2010, 17:18 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Honestly? No one was really informed... it was a surprise :P

    Post on Tue Feb 09 2010, 18:43 by Banouin

    CLAIRVOYANTdisease wrote:Cause Sun had issues, duuuuude~

    Big issues!

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