Earthquake in Haiti


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    Earthquake in Haiti

    Post by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Its been 2 days and they still barely have any help or aid over there. I keep seeing it on the news and reading about it, and its horrifying. I feel so lucky for where I live and that I am safe, but there's gotta be thousands of people out there who lost loved ones or their livelihoods.

    I mean, it hit a place already burdened with so much hardship and lack of resources and money.

    Its nice that people are pledging to give money to help the country, but that's not what it needs now, it needs the aid, the blankets, medicine etc that we have but apparently some charities have no way of flying it out to Haiti right now, so they are still going without the aid.

    The news report I was watching at the end said "Most feel that their God has forsaken them, and they are asking why" and this made me think.. do you think God really has left them to go alone, I mean many innocent people died.. or do you think it would have been unstoppable anyway, due to where Haiti is [with the tectonic plates etc].

    I just hope we can get aid to them in time, to ease the pain of the wounded, and help them to try and rebuild what they lost. ): ):
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    Post on Fri Jan 15 2010, 01:28 by PeinQAkatsuki

    I about cried when I heard this happened. Call me weird, but it made me sad because this isn't the country that needs this right now. They're the only 4th world country in the WORLD. They've lost most of their soil, therefore their resources.

    I think that your god(s) is/are always with you, but when things like this happen, I believe it's out of their control. I believe that they can't control earthquakes and fires and other such natural disasters. I don't believe that they can help and control everything.

    I keep them in my thoughts :/ I hope things get better for them and that they get the aid that they need.

    Post on Fri Jan 15 2010, 01:36 by Toshii

    my social studies teacher told me about their way of living and how they are now. it's just really terrible. why would something like this happen? can't really help what nature does...but how can this happen to them?

    Post on Fri Jan 15 2010, 15:42 by quater

    God is in Haiti, and he can do anything he wants. He's not too small for these events.

    Just give help and Aide. God hasn't abandoned them. Everytime something big happens someone runs out and says, "If God were really existing, he wouldn't let bad things happen!"

    But that's not true. And even though it sucks that it happened to Haiti, a major earthquake strikes Earth once every 6 months. Haiti is in a bad spot. The two probabilities were bound to meet.

    And now the world is focused on meeting Haiti's aide and needs. Who knows. In the long run this might get Haiti the attention it needs, instead of people ignoring its existence like they have been for years.

    Post on Fri Jan 15 2010, 17:52 by Darkflame

    The forces base that is about 30 minutes from me went to help! I'm also starting a fundraiser in my school, all the proceds are going to help.

    Post on Fri Jan 15 2010, 18:21 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    It really made me smile today, that even though thousands died, they managed to pull a 2 year old boy out of a fallen building today, and he'd been in there for 2 days.

    Post on Fri Jan 22 2010, 22:46 by Mikel

    i agree with q.

    haha, sorry, i was distracted. nice pic of bano on your spoiler, disease :D

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