Chaos Theories......Naruto vs. Pain-paine-pein


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    Chaos Theories......Naruto vs. Pain-paine-pein

    Post by ninjadude37 on Tue Jan 12 2010, 20:21

    Why won't the next book that will, at least, start the battle between Naruto and pain-paine-,you get the idea, come out!!!!!!! I've waited for the battle between naruto and sasuke and that ended well.....the good guys lost, a new turn in things. Then who knows how many casualties there will be, if any more then some lifeless shells. I will drag this on untill February..............4th? When Borders is said to get it. Until then....... I will wait..... And read other anime as well. IF you feel remotely the same feel free to a non-negative response. lol

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