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    Post by GL

    school started this week, and im actually really happy about it! not only because i get to meet my friends again, but im happy because its the last term of 9th grade! :D

    but sure, its going to be really hard this term. there are a lot of national tests to do, and i have to work my ass off to get higher grades. -.- but the most important is that i have to choose a programme and a school to go to in autumn. :/
    im a little nervous about that bacause i have to choose 5 different programmes, and then i will get into one of them. im not sure of which programmes i should choose. TT_TT
    these are the ones i actually think i should choose so far.

    1. the style, image and health programme
    2. the business programme
    3. the children and leisure programme

    ... after those, i have no idea. :/

    could someone give me some ideas? (: please?
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    Post on Tue Jan 12 2010, 20:04 by quater

    I wouldn't have a clue. Child and leisure sounds like teacher to me.

    Post on Wed Jan 13 2010, 01:50 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    wow u just went back to skool wow. yea i wouldn't know what adivce to give. its really different.

    you have to go to a special skool for one of these programs that you'll get into?

    Post on Wed Jan 13 2010, 17:20 by GL

    @Q oh, okey. (: well, yeah. but that programme is derected so you learn how be a kindergarten or day care teacher (: and such.

    @crisp haha yeah x) okey ^^ yeah, i wil have to do that.

    Post on Fri Jan 15 2010, 21:01 by King_Of_Blades

    I only have about 5 months of school left. Yay then summer break goes again. Lol.

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